Friday, November 16, 2018

Galactic Cap... Proving Once Again, You Can't Fix Stupid.

Again NSFW material; and puns and innuendos unavoidable.

     Well it's the time of year to be Thankful.

First there was the Galactic Cap of 2014   


Thankfully, it is not available, though Mr. Powell apparently is still at it.  

As of 2018- >

In a nutshell-

he's now trying to raise $500000, get European approval, which I can only assume is easier than FDA approval, then sell it to Europe and 75% of world, THEN BRING IT BACK TO USA.????

    Nevermind that when he launched his finance campaign on Indiegogo in 2014, it was due to Bill and Melinda Gates saying a big NO.  Now he hopes to raise a half a million to get approval and sell in a part of the world that the Gates Foundation endeavors to improve.

    Nevermind that a half a million could feed people, and so a good bit of good.

    But no, Mr. Powell wants to prove that a condom that does not cover the entire penis can increase a man's pleasure, and protect against pregnancy and disease.  AIEAIEAIE .. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, read on.  This is essentially from a post I wrote July 6 of 2014. The Women's View.

     I'll admit it; as my husband has noted I am a tad obsessed when it comes to the Galactic Cap.
The fact that I did a post about it- "Galactic...What?" ; and then more in "Roundup" and now this; even makes me wonder about why do I GIVE SUCH A HOOT?
     Now I've been given longer to ponder that thought, due to Mr. Powell's extending the Indiegogo campaign for the Galactic Cap, yet another month.  Guess, if at first you don't succeed...
     So the Galactic Cap-"the best condom in 400 years"; is trying to disprove everything we have  learned during the last 100 years, in pregnancy and disease prevention.  Curious that the Galactic Cap is referred to as a condom, given the fact that it's not.  Think what has me thinking so much about it is in fact, my kids.  Because by the time testing is done of any new concept in condoms, the next generation will be their target audience; not us.  Some things will have changed, but there are some things that will remain the same.
     Mainly, that it is the woman's body where the majority of bringing about life occurs.  That is fact.
That fact has not changed in a heck of a lot longer than 400 years; not likely to any time soon either as far as I've read or can tell.  Until the powers that be come up with a way to join the egg to the sperm in a man's body, or take an embryo, and from that time, incubate it till it can be cared for outside of the incubator; the woman must be considered.  Whether you worship Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha, all were born of women.  Regardless of what each of us believe, we know that.  Now I'm not going to write about treating women equal or giving them the respect, and consideration they rightly deserve, (that's for other posts) but since I am raising 2 of the women of the near future, their welfare and future are my concerns.  My world.

     So, let's look at the Galactic Cap with a heterosexual woman's point of view. 

     A woman is out on a date, and things proceed to a hot-n-heavy point.  Or she picks up a one night stand.  Or the woman is in a committed monogamous relationship.  Each of these women wants to have sexual relations without it ending in motherhood or catching a disease.  When should/would the man disclose his choice of prophylactics? Is there a polite way to ask how long has the adhesive base been attached and what has transpired during that time Does the adhesive base accommodate the fluctuations that happen throughout a day, or days before the cap is attached?  Does it retain its elasticity?  If there's an encore, does the adhesive base get reused with a different cap, or does the man rip one off and apply the next adhesive base and fresh cap?  How long till the man feels... a little raw?  I'm just sayin'... Gives "cutting to the quick" a whole new meaning.  And unless the woman is in the habit of licking Band Aids*- doubt there will be much enthusiasm when it comes to oral activity.  If the liaison involves either of the first two scenarios, a dating relationship that has progressed to that level of intimacy; or is a case of one serendipitous night; the twosome may be less than well acquainted-  could very well be the objective.  How reassured would either party be, if the liaison was only "capped off"?  Seems less likely to be a night of "Just One of Those Things."  What would ol' Blue Eyes think?  If Galactic Cap comes to be as one of the choices on the market, all of these hypotheticals need to be considered.  Frank Sinatra's posthumous opinion a little less so perhaps; but shouldn't be ruled out entirely.

      Mr. Powell claims that, "Initially, the Galactic Cap is designed as a pregnancy prevention product that will reduce overpopulation and unwanted teen pregnancy. But clinical testing may reveal that the G-Cap also reduces the spread of HIV and STDs."  I felt about the same amount of assurance with Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No", campaign.  Yes, I know that was for the "war on drugs" initially, but to me, neither campaign deals in reality.

      Mr. Powell even concedes that "Most men know if they have a sore or an abrasion on their skin. If they do, they should adopt the full protection of a traditional condom."  Ever hear of microscopic lesions?  I'd like to hear Mr. Powell's answer on what to do if the woman is infected; we don't wear a sign and are 100% human, ie. less than 100% honest.  It just makes me question the intelligence of those who give to something I believe Sir Isaac Newton (great mind, lived in 17th Century~400 years ago) would have laughed his ass off at the notion of.  Also, since I am nowhere close to the intelligence of Newton, (shocking I know) yet find such obvious aspects of why the Galactic Cap could not hope to prevent disease; I find it scary that there's so many who have given $100's, even $1000's to the campaign.

     If people want to donate money to something that goes against logic, just wish they'd donate to finding Nessie.  As for worthy causes... there so many proven causes that could benefit from $25,000.  

    In the interest of attempting an optimistic outlook, perhaps through the clinical trials and testing
there will be changes to the Galactic Cap (the name would be a good start) so that emerges a viable option in birth control and disease prevention.

After all, I've always been a cap, I mean a glass half full kinda gal.

Because I know... that now, it's gonna take a woman to fix.... well, anything, everything, ... only time will tell, but this is encouraging . (Please click on "encouraging", and read.)

Nothing more to say, other than I just can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Have fun stormin' the castle.

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