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Friday, August 12, 2016

Time To Stop Pretending

This is from my Toys post.  I simply did not know what image I wanted to lead this post. 

     As mentioned in "Who's To Blame?" been a couple of weeks since I've posted. 
Part because of being away, part was a befuddled exhaustion of the daily political arena. 

     I follow different groups.  Moms, writers, photographers, cartoonists, politically concerned and more.

     I admit, when I first began Sadie's Gathering, I did not intend it to be political.  Looking back, I now see that as incredibly naive. 

     After the election on November 8th, I imagine I will not write as often about what's going on politically, but it will still be there.  Just as it is right at this moment, and has been for as long as humans can remember.  

     Because what other humans do, and what other humans vote on, decide, and put into law, affects every single other human being.  

     We can no longer pretend it is otherwise.

     Right now, we have two main presidential candidates. 

     Both are recognized throughout the world.  

     One has been one of the most admired individuals ever; and as I agree with President Obama, is probably the most qualified person to ever run for the office of POTUS.
     We can no longer pretend that that is not FACT.  If you disagree with this assessment, 


"Clinton Named Most Admired More Than Any Other Woman or Man
     Clinton has been the most admired woman each of the last 14 years, and 20 times overall, occupying the top spot far longer than any other woman or man in Gallup's history of asking the most admired question. Since 1993, the year she was first named most admired woman, Clinton has stayed in the news as first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state and a two-time presidential candidate."
and here-> accomplishments.

Now, if you don't agree, would you please show me such a list of Donald Trump's accomplishments.

This is all I could find->  accomplishments.

While I only went back 5 years, I only found Donald Trump on Gallup's poll twice, and not in the top spot.  In 2015, he tied Pope Francis for second place and in 2011 he was rated #6.  Dr. Ben Carson has also made the list twice. 

While writing this today, I've been sidetracked many times. 

Many, I've taken the time to comment on.  

      Never mind that in almost every interview of Hillary Clinton, no matter how veteran, well known the reporter, they all ask the same damn stupid question.
"Why don't people like/trust/relate to you?" (This is linked to a great article by Melissa McEwan.)
  Yesterday, I came across, another article that was trying solve that mystery.
Made me so mad.  I cleaned it up a bit, but this is the gist of what I commented.
      "I'm so sick of this type of article, post, or whatever you wanna call it.  I would like to extend my middle finger to every reporter, interviewer, or whatever you wanna call them, who ever had the bad judgement, lack of taste to ask Hillary, "Why don't people like you?"
     Who knows?  Frankly, who cares?
     I know, she is not allowed the luxury of ignoring the moronic question, losing her temper, or even showing actual emotions.  Just once, I'd like to hear Hillary comment, "Well, that's original." 

     Jeeze... I can get mad at being so sick and tired of hearing this tired line of questioning much less the lunacy that it's a valid question more so than so many other questions to ask one who's vying for the White House.  I'd rather hear of her plans for the infrastructure, jobs, education, healthcare, caregiver care, paid family leave, and foreign affairs to start with.  Since interviews only last at most, an hour it it too much to ask that these people who been educated to be journalists and are paid well to be such, cover these topics rather than a question that a third grade bully would ask?  I just don't know how such people that ask that question really look at themselves in the mirror, or sleep at night.  Heaven forbid if Hillary laughs, because that over policy plans will be what's replayed for the next 3 days. 

     As for me, I love her laugh. It's loud, from the belly, whole hearted laugh.  There's your flipping authenticity.

     Why hasn't anyone asked Donald why people don't like him?  And why have I not heard his laugh critiqued to Kingdom Come.  Come to think of it, I've never heard him laugh.  For me, that's worrisome.  Not as worrisome as what he says or that thing on his head, but worrisome just the same.

     Couple of nights ago, I returned to watching MSNBC for a little while.  I was struck when Chris Matthews, of Hardball, referenced a poll where Hillary led Donald by 6 points.  Chris commented that it wasn't "hopeless".   He then chatted for a bit with MSNBC's Katy Tur, who has covered Trump for over years.  Then he had an interview with former mayor of NYC Rudy Guilliani.

     Later, I read that Ms. Tur had required Secret Service protection after Trump had incited people at one of his rallies against her.  Now, granted, that was I think in December, but I've never heard one peep about it from anyone at MSNBC.  Can you imagine how much coverage that would have received had that been the Clinton campaign?
Meanwhile, if you like to hear about Ms. Tur's year of living crazy, GO HERE.

     I came away with the impression that Matthews may be supporting Trump. Which, he's entitled to. 

But if he's not, I wish he'd make that crystal clear.

     I know I'm far from alone in this thought.

At Blue Nation Review, Peter Daou posted,

In the Name of Decency, Stop Tipping the Scale... 
I hope that post goes viral. 

Then there's this interview with Martin Sheen.

     I don't watch FOX News.  Still it literally drives me crazy every time I see a news show, or even a comedy show that gives more time to pundits for Trump than Clinton.  I know I've had my fill of Ms. Pierson, Ms. Conway, and Mr. whoever that is for Trump. 

     Yesterday, there was little talk about Clinton, other than some more email shtuff.  And then all the talk about how Trump thinks that she and the President are the founders of Isis.  Then the shows have some Republican who tries to justify Trump, or explain what he really meant, (wink wink ).

We have got to stop pretending that he's a viable candidate. 

If you're mad about something, thenVOTE.  Get involved and hold lawmakers accountable by voting in every election.

Or heck, run for office yourself

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