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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Needless to say that if you're here, you know I write this with a heavy heart. 

I am mad.  Sad.  Bewildered.

For now, I am mad at so many, and so much, that I can't even see straight.  I know I am not alone.  I am nauseous to the point of not eating.

I hoped to get this posted earlier.  I started it around 3 am.  I'd been asleep for maybe an hour.  It's the first time I've cried myself to sleep since my mother died in 2005. 

The list of who and what I am mad at, includes but is not limited too:

     Many members of the press, the MSM or whatever the hell you wanna call it on MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, who did not portray Hillary Rodham Clinton justly.  She's not perfect?  No shit,  Sherlock- she's human- but she's done more good than most will be able to wrap their fuzzy little heads around, and not once, not once did I hear one person on MSNBC acknowledge it, much less celebrate it.  
     As for me, I'll take the 30, 000 missing emails or however many that prove Hillary's as un tech savvy as I am; over Donald's assault allegations, impending rape court case in December, his Trump U scam, or any of the other 3000+cases against him.  Or even if there wasn't all that THERE'S STILL ALL THE OFFENSIVE FUCKING STUFF HE SAID IN RALLIES, AT DEBATES, OR IN ONE ON ONE INTERVIEWS!
     Liberal media my ass.  For the record can some please tell me what the fuck is wrong with "Liberal" ?  Yes, I like to like a lot of people, and I've been known to hug a few trees.  Don't get any other way.  Fox is unapologetic when it comes to being a conservative channel; where the hell are the unapologetic liberal stations?
     I about lost it when I flipped on MSNBC last night to hear Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, basically laughing over how they got it wrong.  Like it's all so amusing.  I will not turn on MSNBC again until Saturday morning to see Joy Reid, the one I know to be just as disgusted with the result, thanks to her Twitter feed.  Said it before, and I'll say it again, Ms. Reid should be running MSNBC.  
     As for CNN, I've not been able to bring myself to watch much since Anderson Cooper proclaimed that he would not be voting in the election.  Even if he did, the dye was cast.  Considering Trump and Pence's view on marriage equality, not to their mention conversion therapy ideas, so irresponsible of Mr. Cooper to air that thought.  Of course a wealthy CNN reporter need not worry about other members of the LGTB community that may not have the money to surpass legislation.  Selfish Smug. 
      Even late night TV hosts, who did not call out the false equivalency of Clinton being as bad as Trump, and benefitted by using it as a punchline.  Bullshit.  Utter bullshit.  Not to mention enough sexist quips here and there to make me sick.  Gonna be a while till I stay up late enough to watch. 


By the way, she has an apres election show tonight.  Not to be missed. 

     As for articles in papers; anytime some fool rehashed an old debunked Clinton scandal- hope they were paid well. 
      As for sites, I stuck to the many that acknowledge and celebrated Hillary Rodham Clinton, which included GoBlindly, ShareBlue, DailyNewsBin, and Forward Progressives with Allen Clifton.  
     As for Huffington Post, most days despite having a disclaimer noting that Donald Trump has shown to be misogynistic, yahyahyah, they still had countless photos of him up and down their front page.  Perhaps a couple of Hillary further down would be featured, but rarely complementary articles.

Gee, where do you think everyone came up with the notion that we had two unfavorable candidates?

     I'll concede that Hillary may have had some support that was luke warm; but I know she also had excited as hell support- BECAUSE I WAS ONE OF THEM.  And I know I wasn't the only one.  Never saw about that, or did I just miss that night? 
    Perhaps, if one reporter, just one, would have showed excitement about Hillary for the truly exciting intoxicating potential she represented; then maybe there wouldn't have been the post in Huffington Post:

     As for others, on my sh8tlist, hope Susan Sarandon is pleased with herself that as proclaimed proudly every chance she got, she held firm, and did not vote with her vagina.  All be a neat trick, if she did grant you, apparently some fellows did manage to vote with their dicks.  Let's give them a round of applause.  Hope Ms. Sarandon enjoys Donald Trump shaking things up as much as she imagined; though I doubt the acclaimed actress will suffer much.  Since Trump's not big on science, another neat trick awaits: Sarandon's ideology even acknowledged.  Perhaps she will now get down off her cross- someone may need the wood. 

   Others on my list; people who nurtured their hate of Hillary, more than other people.  You know the type; no matter what allegation you easily clear up, they come back with something that you can't argue with, "There's just something I don't like about her." Can't argue with that, because it's not ANYTHING! Definable.  Rational. 
Breathe in, breathe out. 

      Others that I don't get; moms who do everything to avoid discussing politics.  Golly gee.  Haven't seen any mommy bloggers express a political opinion.   Which brings me to...

     There are others, but guess what makes me most mad is in 2016 NO, WE DO NOT HAVE THE OVARIES TO ELECT A WOMAN.   Not even one that many agree is the most accomplished candidate ever.  Instead, America elected a gawdy game show host, who has a rape case court date in December.  

     With the world at stake, because again, let's be clear, you cannot be the most powerful nation in the world and not have your choice of leader not affect the world; I am far from the only one nervous about the future.  
     As my good friend Karen, messaged me this morning:
     "I am sickened.  I woke up feeling like someone died and the reminder hit me the second I woke up.  People liked Trump because he was anti-establishment, but he is immediately surrounding himself with the most establishment people ever.  Giuliani, Gingrich, Jeff Sessions, and they are going to direct him in a manner that is consistent with old school politics.  Why are people so darn ignorant?  That's what scares me the most!  That doesn't even bring us to the major point about women who can work hard as hell to get somewhere yet they will be shut down because of the double standard in this country (NO, IT'S NOT A FUCKING MYTH).  If Hillary can't break the glass ceiling, then what woman can?
     "I saw a major difference in the attitudes of Democrats versus Republicans on Facebook and in conversation.  The majority of Democrats I dealt with consistently spoke about how great their candidate was. (SEE, NOT JUST ME) The majority of Republicans consistently bashed the candidate and were mean and negative, hateful and hurtful towards so many groups of people.  A clear difference in attitude, and that seriously frightens me.  Even at the end last night the people on Facebook were trying to be a little hopeful yet, so shocked and sad their candidate wasn't winning.  Yet the comments I saw from Republicans continued to be negative even though their candidate was just about to win.  WTH?  One major concept that Republicans just don't understand is the the average economic growth in this country per president is 3.5%.  NO Republican, not even Reagan, had 3.5% growth during their presidency!  These are cold hard facts that anybody can look up, and when Republicans say that the economy is the number one issue in this country, then they should be moving over to the Democratic side." 

Thank you Karen. 

It's an common heard phrase, "If you wanna live like a Republican, vote Democrat." Granted, in 2008 thanks to the recession and the housing crash, made it a little more difficult.  Especially when a president has a Senate and House whose only aim is to make him fail. 

I've said before about some Republicans: "I suppose you root for the villain in Disney movies too."

Another friend pointed out:
"Here's what is going to happen for the near future
1.  Obamacare will be repealed.  A lot of people cheer at that.  But doing so will gut the insurance industry since that makes up one sixth of the US economy, a recession will begin.  (Again.)

2.  Other countries are going to want to do less business with the US and probably more with China and Russia.  That's going to make that recession into a full depression. 

3. Trump will argue that the debt cannot be paid. At that point he'll be right and default on the US debt- which will cause the world to descend into a depression.  And by the way, officially earn the US the title of "Third world country."

4. Russia and China will seize upon that chaos and the decision by Trump to not support NATO to start advancing their borders.  Russia will do it militarily and China will do it economically.

5. At some point laws will be passed in the US that disenfranchise Muslims, Blacks, LGBTQ and Latinos. 

And now there is not one single thing that anyone can do to stop that.  Congrats, US, you really got what you wanted."

Thank you Tim.

You may have heard, Hillary won the popular vote.  

Thank you Clarence, for finding this:

So, what does this mean? 

     To me, it means more than 6 million more people DID NOT WANT A PRESIDENT TRUMP THAN DID.   In total, 65,671, 218 voted for someone other than Trump. 

     Also, there were more hearts broken last night from disappointment over Hillary losing, than were smile because Trump won.  More than 200, 000 more people. 

     Now, contrary to what many griped about earlier in this election, what counts are electoral votes.  Bet they're happy now.

Still, the 59, 418,103 who voted for Trump, as well as the others on my list; THIS IS ON YOU.


So that everyone is crystal clear, I will soon be selling Tshirts that read:

"Do not blame me, I voted for Hillary".

Let me know if you're interested in buying one. 
They'll go for $25+shipping and handling.

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