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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Point.

We know better.
As in we have evolved.  We have science.  We have more people.  We have passed laws and adapted amendments to the Constitution. 

So even though crime still goes on; we no longer have the excuse, "we didn't know." 

We have to admit, that we have changed over time, because we now know more.  We understand the Universe, our planet, the human body more so than we did 10, 100, 200, 500, years ago.  

There is a difference between facts, theories, rumors, and opinions.

If you want to ask the Electoral College to consider your opinion , GO HERE .

     I have not written a new post of any length since the election. 
I have been in state.  One, that I know I'm am not alone in, yet still I cannot define. 
     It's the holiday season, and I, like most other parents want and will try their damnedest to make it magical for their kids, no matter what their kids' ages.
This year it's more than a little difficult.

     Not only because of the election, but yes, that is a factor.  There are personal reasons that I will not go into, at least here, because I don't think it's appropriate.  These are matters that regardless, of who was elected, would still be the case. 

     However, the election and the consequences that are emerging day by day, do affect everyone.  Greatly. 

     Trump's choices so far... 

Trump is giving Dante a run for his raison d'ĂȘtre of defining new levels of hell. 

     This is not partisan.  There are Republicans as well as others around the world who are aghast at least at one or two of Trump's choices. 

     It's only going to get worse. 

     There are people close to me, who think that I need to give politics a rest.  Here's the thing though: What one calls politics; another calls basic rights. 

A year and a half ago, I wrote, "Do We Have The Ovaries to Elect A Woman?" Guess I got the answer. 

     Yes, I know, I know, it wasn't sexist that the most qualified candidate ever was passed over in favor of a reality show host/failed business character.  

     There were policies that people didn't agree with.  Well, at least she had them.  
     There was Benghazi.  Well, often people in power, make mistakes, and lives are lost.  Keep in mind that people in power, may make what was judged at the time to be a sound decision, and lives are still lost.  And now that we have a president elect, that has stated that he'd bomb the shit out of, anyone, think it's pretty certain there will be lives lost in the next four years.  If you don't agree with the reasoning, do you think you'll feel better when lives are lost? 
     There were the emails. 
     Meanwhile Trump hasn't yet taken office, but has already stirred up trouble with 140 characters.  And phone calls.
    Did you see that China sent a message
    That's the damn thing about phone calls and Twitter- no editing. 
But if China or someone gets pissed over a similar stunt, won't you feel smug, that at least Trump doesn't have a private email server?
Then again most emails require being able to comprise a message longer than 140 characters.  Seldom are half sentences repeated over and over.  It's just not the same... "So great, so great... so...great. "  See?  Just doesn't have the same... oh whatever.
       A person not long ago, told me they would have voted for Hillary if she'd had kicked her husband to the curb. Years ago.  I explained how marriage is based on the definition that the two it intwines concede to.  Can't help but wonder how that person feels that there is a president thrice married, and at least one wife, (yeah right) he was not faithful to.  Has anyone ever wondered, why there are confidentiality agreements?  Note, if it was mundane reasons that the marriage ended, there wouldn't be the need for such documents.  It is only because there is information that if known by all, would be detrimental to the image of The Donald. 

    Just like racism is no longer a thing because we elected a black president, right?  Yet some still have some reason to raise holy moly over Santa because he's black.  That's not the Christmas spirit I learned about. 

    You know, at least one of the reindeer is a female, right? 

     I know that there's about as good as a snowball's chance in...
of The Electoral College overturning the election.  

     Still, I also know that today is tomorrow's history.  And for that snowball, well, with the current president elect, I don't have a lot of hopes for it anyway. 

  Today in several cities there are Women & Allies, Protest & Strikeout. 

 If you like, send a message to the electors HERE.
Or you may just want to read THIS.

   In the mean time, take care, have and try to keep the faith.
    And here's a cartoon that will hopefully bring a chuckle.

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