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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Point.

I made a  POINT in December.  

Now I feel the need to make another. 

Or two. 

Right now, what's dominating the news cycle is the plan, that some have come up with to repeal and replace the ACA with.  

Part of that plan, defunds Planned Parenthood.   So, I would like Trump, Ryan, or any other Joe or Jane SchMo to tell me how then that plan would cover more people (or as Trump promised, everyone) and "offer more choices"?  

Because I know that 2+2=4 and other things that used to be common sense, (not so much anymore) I know the plan does not cover more, or offer more choices, so NEXT...

Russia.  Well, hell, how many people have ties with Russia, I don't know.  But I'm willing to bet they didn't talk about the weather.   The fact that it always is "ties with Russia" (well now Flynn has Turkey to add to his resume), but since it's always Russia... THERE'S YOUR SIGN. That some malarkey's gone on. 

NEXT ...

The fact that Trump/Bannon keeps appointing people whose aim was to dismantle the area of concern they now are in charge of; just let me know when they appoint Scott Baio to be the head of the Department of Transportation, or anything. 


Guess we're never gonna get Donald Trump tax information.   BUT WE SHOULD. 

Including for an escort service?  So, can we call him Pimp Trump

Apparently we should not be alarmed by that,  as it's more of a defensive move, so nobody else will make good on that ever popular name, "Trump."  Yeah okay.  Whatever. 

Just remember that... for the future ... after 2021.   We'll see.  I still like the sound of Pimp Trump.  Certain, je ne sais quoi to it. It fits. 


Trump's claim that he was wiretapped.  If it's anything other than a desperate attempt for yet another distraction, we'll find out.  But here's a thing, all major news involves more than 140 characters.  The fact that the president can't form a paragraph even of more than 140 characters, (repeating phrases like "so great" over and over does not count) concerns me more. 


Yes, all politicians lie.  Let's be clear; all people lie.  But, all but one person, are not the President of the United States, and do not post those lies on social media to be seen by the world and cemented in time.   That's how 219 have been recorded in the first 54 days of his term.  
I am not a math major, but that's a lot. 

I didn't even see the claim that he made in my home state of West Virginia, that he was going to bring back the coal jobs, and provide health care to it's workers. 

 But maybe that's because that promise was made before Trump took office.  Although I remain skeptical, I agree with Dan McGinn, 

West Virginia deserves a lot more attention than what this post will give.  West Virginia deserves a lot more attention from everyone. 

So, with that thought I close with The Point. 

I have said before, and know that I'm not alone in the thought that many in the GOP conceded to Trump because, he, and the hooloabaloo that follows in his wake, MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR MANY TO USHER IN IDEAS THAT COULD AFFECT/HURT US FOR THE NEXT FIFTY OR MORE YEARS. 

I heard Wayne Besen refer to President Trump as a Trojan Horse. 

This begins with...

The hearings to confirm Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch begin March 20. 

This morning I heard a couple of men on progressive radio saying that there hasn't been that much pushback from Democrats.  Could it be that's because all the chaos that's been monopolizing the news cycle? 

So, my point, never forget the opportunity to even be heard, was stolen from Merrick Garland. 

To be honest, I have no idea if I even like Merrick Garland, or what he stands for.  

But the fact that he was chosen by a sitting president, as a nominee and that should have been honored.  There have been nominees that have not made it through, such as Robert Bork, but at least he got heard.  So I see no reason to put forth someone else.  We've gone a year without a ninth judge, what another year or two?

And as far as Gorsuch goes, pardon me if I don't take Jane's word for it, that I don't have to worry. 

I know even less about her.

Pardon my French, (swearing coming up)  BUT WHAT THE FUCK?

     We're just supposed to take a stranger's word for it?  Why?  Because she worked for President Obama?  Or because she's a woman?  See how that worked out for McCain in 2008- once again, women are not all in the same club.  
     Or just because she's fair skinned and seems nice?  I don't know her, she may be a peach.  Found out she's a Harvard graduate, and now teaching there; so I'll grant her that she may have a brain.  Even so, just because she has an Ivy League education, does not mean that she's, well anything.  Saw that she got married a few years back.  So, congratulations.  Justice Sotomayor officiated.  Ms. Nitze clerked for Sotomayor as well as Gorsuch.  Ms. Nitze has a swell resume to be sure. 

       But I don't know her. 

Know who I do know?  And it's his judgement that concerns me.

      Even so, since the nomination of Merrick Garland was not acknowledged, the very least Trump should do along with GOP senators is make some sort of public apology to Merrick Garland, before proceeding with Gorsuch.

So it can never be said, they didn't do the least. 

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