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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Did you see this on John Oliver?

Did you see, from Last Week on Tonight with John Oliver on HBO-
"Columbus Day-How Is This Still a Thing?"
This is the video from YouTube: 

I am currently working on a post entitled "History Be Damned."

The current state of a lot of things, and what my education skipped over, were the overbearing impetuses for it.

I have recently been reading Kenneth C. Davis's  America's Hidden History.   One of the chapters is about Christopher Columbus.   I had learned many years ago, that all that the diddy, "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..." was that Chris Columbus was on a boat in 1492.  And that the ocean was more or less blue.  Found out a long time ago, there's lots more to that story.  And there's a whole slew of other things that were not taught.  The "Why" we were taught some things, and not other important facts; and the "who" decided that was what was to be; will always be an impetus for me.

Not sure when I'll get the post up, but thought Mr. Oliver certainly had some great points, as always
and told them with great humor, again, as always.

Hope you had a great long weekend all the same.

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