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Monday, November 3, 2014

Where I'd Be Without Planned Parenthood.

     Wasn't sure which picture to put up for this post; so when in doubt, go with Susan B.Anthony.

     Tomorrow we vote.  If, for some reason you are not voting, nothing I say will probably change it. Keep in mind though, there are still places where women cannot vote.  There's even places, regardless of sex, voting is not welcomed.  For these 2 reasons, I will never take it for granted.  No matter what I see or read that tells me it won't make a difference; if nothing else, it makes a difference in how I view the world and what I expect from it.

     Still, there are just a few issues that I wanted to express views on; so you can take it for what it's worth.

     There are candidates that would like to end funding for Planned Parenthood.  For whatever their reason.   After reading this:  Governor Refuses To Say Why He Signed A Rape Gag Rule Into Law;  all I could do was sigh.

     Once upon a time I used a Planned Parenthood.  It's none of your business why.  It was available and I was grateful.  I was 17, still in high school, living with my parents.  As good as our relationship was, I was 17, and as most of that age, did not feel comfortable talking about sex and care of my body with my mom or dad.  Given it was nearly 30 years ago,  nobody felt comfortable talking to their parents about sex.  Still, as difficult as it was for them, they did try.  What got through, was: it was my responsibility to take care of me.  So, I did.  Not long after I turned 18, there was a clause in my parents' insurance that stipulated an interview with an agent if I was to stay on their insurance.  Being interviewed with my mom present, the agent asked if I'd had a gynecological exam.  To my mom's surprise, "Yes" was my answer.  After the agent left, I had some explaining to do.  It was met with a few sighs, but overall relief that I was safe, and cared for.

Point is, I had a good relationship with my parents.  I know that is, not always the case.

     My kids are young still, but we've started the talks.  Still, as much as I'll try to be there and answer all the questions, there's no guarantee that all my efforts will instill a relationship where they'll tell me everything.  I feel gray hairs sprouting, just thinking about it.  Just in case I don't do my job, I would like my kids to have an option that I had.  If I've learned one thing by being a parent it is this: CONTROL IS AN ILLUSION.   Without Planned Parenthoods, and education, we run the risk of slamming our kids into some very difficult corners, that could crush all illusions.  Is that what any parent wants?  If you are under an illusion that you can predict what your child will do within every single scenario with 100% efficiency- let me me assure you, you are mistaken.  Just ask a parent of a child or even an adult; that has committed some unthinkable act; such as suicide or homicide.  Think the parent knew or had a clue?  I seriously doubt it.

     You've heard it so many times in so many sappy ways; our children are our future.  Of course it's true.  Today however, they are just as likely to be our mass murderers, our dictators, and our religious zealots, as anything else.  Just as great leaders don't just come from thin air; neither do our infamous citizens.

     Education is another topic that will probably be on many ballots tomorrow.  Don't care?  The teachers are the people that we entrust our children to, to teach the next generation the "3 R's".  So, when the time comes, we feel confident in passing on the torch, so to speak, to them whether they decide to become the business leaders, the service leaders, and or the parents.  Mr. Black sums it up perfectly:
Lewis Black's rant on Teachers.

Lastly, here's a link to a great message from Stephen Colbert and George Takei.

Happy Voting!

Yep, I'm For Hillary 

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