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Sunday, October 29, 2023

13 Reasons Witches Rock! New Recipe Added!

That time of year again!

     This is a post that I try to share every year for Halloween.  Although, the first time was right before the 2016 Presidential election.  No matter, witches will always have my utmost admiration and respect.  Happy Halloween! 

10/22/2016 Here we are again.  In a little over 2 weeks, we will have elected a new president.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: 
      "If Hillary Clinton is a witch, I want her in my coven!  All the rest, (especially 'The Donald') are just flying monkeys."
      That being said, this is not a political post; it's a post I run every year due to my adoration of witches.
     Here's a great site, to check out for some of History's Witches: History Witch
    Right now it's 231 hours till Halloween's Trick or Treating time.  Just ask my daughters.
     For the most part, this is one of my posts that goes up every year in honor of a holiday or whathaveyou.  
     However, this year I've added a little treat, a great recipe for all those pumpkin seeds you collect!  You'll find it after #13!

Now to, "13 Reasons Witches Rock!" 

     Thought it would be a good time to write a bit about my admiration and obsession, with witches.
     Not sure when it began.  May have been with Margaret Hamilton's portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.  Even though she scared the daylights out of me, there was something about her that piqued my curiosity and wonder.  What were witches?  Why was she mad?  Most of all, where could I learn to ride a broom?!  Can we all agree, that this talent would be way cool?  As a little girl, I would dream from time to time of actually being a witch.  I could move things with my mind (would be very helpful nowadays); and of course it was always a thrill to ride a broom, albeit disappointing to wake up to reality.

     So, just a little backstory, then my-> "13 Reasons Witches Rock!"

     Witches have been around for a long time.  Scholars of witchcraft believe that it dates back 30,000+ years, the Paleolithic period.  When I tried to find out when was the first reported witch, all I could find online was about the earliest witch trials.  The earliest were in the 1400's with the majority happening between 1560-1693.  In Scotland alone, more than 2000 trials are archived.  Think about that.  2000.  As we know now, most trials were due to hearsay of a person in power, distorted memories, or even a child's imagination. To read about them is not for the faint of heart.  It is estimated by some studies that as many as 100,000 people, predominantly women have been executed throughout history for witchcraft.  On the low end, some claim 50,000.  Their executions were heinous.  Almost all were tortured into confessions, by some unspeakable methods.
     Still, despite centuries of persecution, they have endured.
     Everyone has different images come to mind when the word "witch" is mentioned.  Witches by one definition are the practitioners of the neopagan religion, Wicca.  While I am a Christian, there are aspects of Wicca that I like.  Wicca is an Earth based religion, with celebrations coinciding with the changing seasons.  Very green; in practice, not skin color.  The Wiccan Rede, is pretty much their statement of morality:  "Do what you will, so long as you harm none."  Always good.  I also have read that they believe that one does not wish misfortune on anyone, less they desire misfortune come back to them three fold.  Kinda does away with that whole wicked witch idea.  Gives you something to think about.
     Over the years in literature, children's classics, and Hollywood, there are too many witches to relate, although for me, despite her crankiness, no one can hold a candle to her:

      To add to my fascination, over the years I have collected several witch dolls.  A kitchen witch, one to pay homage to Italy's Streganana, and then a few to honor the women of  The Pendle Witch Trials.  If you'd like to one to adorn your abode, check out Moonstruck Gifts and Higher Heart.

13 Reasons Witches Rock!
     These are meant to be fun and good spirited; it is not my intention to start any political, religious, or historical debate.  Just for fun; hope they bring a smile.

1.  Witches conjure up imaginings of flights of fanciful journeys where the only destination is wonder.

2.  Witches are great cooks.  It's the cauldron.

3.  Since witches are great at making potions, think it's safe to bet they'd be great bartenders.
4.  Witches know how to make an entrance.  Broom, hat, maybe a wand... enough said.

5.  Witches are the ultimate feminists.  Don't even THINK about trying to rationalize inequality to them~  
in any shape or form.  Lest you enjoying dining on flies.

6. Witches are true to themselves; great role models.

7.  Witches persevere.  Great at improvising.  Bless them. 

8.  Witches have an amazing sense of style;  it's the hats.

9.  They fly on brooms.  True, doesn't seem like it would be the height of comfy, but they're witches, so I trust they can make the necessary adjustments. Worse case scenario, they ride sidesaddle.  Plus, you never have to worry about road rage from them.

10.  Witches are the original renaissance women.  If you want something done proper, ask a witch- NICELY.  Also, they're kind to Earth.
11.  Out of the classic Halloween spooks; vampire, werewolf,  mummy, ghost, and witch, is there really any comparison?  Think about it; no biting, (vampire) no shedding, (werewolf) no dust, (mummy) and no wailing or whining, (ghost).  Just a spell here and there.  They're not even big on vengeance.  Still, one would be wise not to cross one.  

12.  Despite being ancient, witches will always be relevant. 
13.  It is believed the word "witch" is derived from Old English meaning"wise one."  Always good to have around.

Update- Check out how Good for you Pumpkin Seeds are! ->http://healthmagazinehouse.com/health-benefits-pumpkin-seeds/
*Pumpkin Seed Recipe-
     You'll need per cup of seeds, (approximate yield from 1 pumpkin)- 1 TBLS of Melted Butter, 1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce, 1/2 tsp salt, 1+ tsp Old Bay Seasoning to taste.
     Directions: Remove as much pumpkin goop from seeds as you can.  Rinse seeds in colander, and then spread out onto flour towel to dry.  Allow to dry 15-30 minutes.  Gather seeds into a mixing bowl, and add ingredients; mix well.  Spread out onto a foil lined baking sheet.  Roast 45-60 minutes in a 250F degree oven.  Raise oven temp to 325F.  Roast addition 30 minutes, perhaps more, till seeds are dry and a deep golden color.  
     Allow to cool, then store in air tight container.  Snack on them by themselves, or mix with popcorn, nuts and dried fruit for great party snack.  Great garnish in soups and salads.  Also makes for amazing Chocolate bark, with dried cranberries, and seasoned salt.   Have fun!

Happy and Safe Flying to All This Halloween!

*Be sure to check out the  The Sadie Project!

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