Thursday, October 31, 2019

13 Reasons Witches Rock! New Recipe Added!

That time of year again!

     This is a post that I try to share every year for Halloween.  Although, the first time was right before the 2016 Presidential election.  No matter, witches will always have my utmost admiration and respect.  Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Read This Before Your Next Restaurant Visit!

    With holidays right around the corner, I'm reposting, a post I wrote in 2013, NAT'L WAITERS & WAITRESSES DAY!
     The new, features a few more points, as well as more cartoons from my husband, Davis Jaye.  If you would like to contact him for a freelance job, click on his name, and you will be whisked away to his online portfolio.  It's extensive.  Also, check out his cartoon website, The Squirrel's Nest.

Time moves on but some things never change.

     Notably the need to make money, to PAY BILLS.  Especially while raising the next generation, paying for their food, clothes, activities, etc.  Working in restaurants and bars as well as other service jobs, are the way, many people these days, are attempting to do just that.  This is an attempt to shed some light on what may not be "the world's oldest profession"; but trust me when I say that by all accounts, it sure feels like a close relative at times.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What We Can Learn From This Photo

I am still in awe over the photographer, Martin Le-May's ability to capture this image.

You learn after reading a bit that this wasn't a case of mismatched pals on a joy flight; the weasel was attacking the woodpecker, hoping for a meal.  The quoted wildlife expert explained, "the female weasel weighs less than a Mars Bar, but is ferocious as a lion."


I think there's a lot of inspiration to be taken, given the facts.

From the Woodpecker's perspective:

~Never underestimate the element of surprise.

~Know your assets; don't be afraid to use them.

~ Cute and cuddly (as is "pretty" or "handsome") are descriptions of the physical; not the character.

~When in doubt, go for the loop de loop.  Weasel vomit washes off.

~When you see a chance, take it. 

~Never give up; it's not over until it's over.

~Do whatever it takes to fly another day.

From the Weasel's perspective:

~Know what you want, and go after it.

~Hold onto your dreams.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

To The Class of 2019!

       I wrote this in 1986 when I was graduating high school.  I don't think I finished it till the summer, so I don't think I had the opportunity to share it with many friends.  I loved high school, and I remember being sad, about leaving and nervous about starting the next chapter of life.  The uncertainty of what would happen when close friends who had seen me through so much, scattered.  I am blessed to be able to say that I am still in touch with many of them.
      As graduation rolls around again, I thought I would share it here on Sadie's.  Hope you enjoy.

The Graduation Poem

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Testicle Crushers UNITE!

This post was published two years ago.  Sadly, it's time to post again. 
Extreme? Hmmm...

If you don't know what stilettos have to do with crushing testicles, READ HERE.     Or HERE.

But really, it's not extreme when you consider, that in this day and age, the fact that 200 MILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS have endured the horrors of FEMALE GENITALIA MUTILATION WORLD WIDE. 

IN CASE YOU'RE NOT A MATH MAJOR... Given that our population is roughly 7.5 Billion, so roughly 3.75 billion of them are female...