Wednesday, December 23, 2020

My Wish For You

May your Scrooge find a little wonder in surprising ways.

The First Ho! Ho! Ho!

Still looking for an elf willing to give me a hand...
   Hope you enjoy these holiday cartoons from my husband, Davis Jaye's archives.  In addition to cartoons here at Sadie's Gathering, he has an online cartoon blog, The Sqirrel's Nest.  Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Ho! HO! Ho! HO! HUH?

     Did you see that Ol' Saint Nick will be charging the kiddies $50 to sit upon his knee?  Don't know about you, but that is just another reason to... well, wait a moment; maybe there are some really special treats that justify the cost.

Monday, December 14, 2020

What You CAN do This Holiday Season...

     *This was originally posted in 2015 for Thanksgiving.  Those days were filled with the "fun" of getting kids to school, on time, keeping them in a good mood, free of drama, (any parent of school age kids, know what I'm talking about); my car not starting, thanks to evolutionary savvy squirrels; and more.  So, while we get through Covid, and the craziness this year's entailed, I hope enjoy this post and pass it on, because of the message.  Plus if you're a snow lover like me, I hope the fun picture above brings a smile.  'Cause many will not get a white Christmas.  
     Also, ladies, please check out and consider submitting to The Sadie Project!  We'd love to hear your story!
     Now, to the original~

     Just a thought, inspired by the cast of Sesame Street's performance on the Macy's Parade today.  They did a fun song, I'm not sure of the title, (searched extensively for a video of it), but a reoccurring line was, "I'm growing kinder everyday."  So... that got me thinking...

Money may be tight, or even if it's overflowing, here's a suggestion that I am also going to try for this holiday season.

Speak sincerely kindly to "EVERYONE YOU MEET", and if you can add a smile, all the better.  You may give someone the gift of HOPE, and that is a powerful thing.

Thursday, December 10, 2020


     Well, here we are again.  It's the holidays, it's 2020 and all the craziness has ensued.  This is a post, I post every year and I pick a funny holiday photo and include it in the post.  This year, I found this on the internet:
     Since we added chaos to chaos this year, by getting a puppy, this photo made me laugh... mainly wondering if this photo was photoshopped, or is this dog actually wearing the jingle bell collar and Santa hat.  I suspect not. 
     The next photo is one I posted a few years back, but still makes me smile.  Hope the post brings a few laughs.

     Call me Scrooge.  I have a few issues (click here for the history) with the Elf On The Shelf.  In a nutshell I don't have time to come up with the crazy antics or clean up after a little spy's shenanigans.  Also, Santa has always come through; years before the elves showed up.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Holiday Pet Peeves

I considered putting a Santa hat on a Peeve, till I saw this! Thank you Michael!
A repost from 2015; considering how crazy 2020's been, and I've tried to keep seeing the silver lining of all the unprecedented chaos... some things never change...
Not to be a Scrooge... but I'm human, and during the hustle and bustle I find that there are a few things that grind my nerves...

Shopping Carts.  From my list of Pet Peeves.  I know everyone is a little bit crazy during this time of year, still if they've gone aisle after aisle in the store filling it; is a few feet to the nearest corral that difficult?  Nothing can turn St. Nick into Scrooge quicker than a stray cart carried by the North Wind right into his new Jaguar.

People who force their kids to see Santa.  Much less, sit on his lap.  And to have it all captured by photo.  Not sure where this tradition came from.  Dr. Boogie has the moxy to suggest that it derived from an Al Capone torture method.  Nice.  I tend to agree with Jen of Buried With Children.  As parents, we spend the majority of the other 11 months in the year educating our kids on stranger danger- no touching and never accept candy from a stranger.  Then come December, and the hope to capture something(?)- we throw caution to the wind.  At least we'll have the photos to show our child's future therapist.