Monday, October 2, 2017

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We Need To Talk About Sex Robots

     Today on Twitter, I saw the above photo and link to a  Pajiba article by Hannah Sole. 

     Couldn't help but laugh, shake my head and think,
     You wanna have sex with a robot?  Fine.  Just don't come crying to me when your penis gets stuck. 

     There was a time that I'd spend way more time, expressing my thoughts on all the possible consequences that could ensue from such a scenario.

     After all, as I expressed in "Dicks Are The Trouble"; there sure has been a lot of doting on a body part that has brought more than its fair share of trouble to many a man.  For further explanation as to what I mean, check out:

     There are more posts, but those should get you started. 

     Perhaps the Sex Robots are just a clever PR tie in to the upcoming blockbuster, Bladerunner 2049.

     A potential movie plot or two, came to my mind. 

       An island where men can go to escape human women...  
                                                                                          Bon voyage. 

     I'll be the first to admit that us humans are a messy, nutty, complicated, sordid, crazy bunch.

But the next time one of them gets under your skin, perhaps this postand its art

will allow you to imagine the possibility of the beauty that is within each of us. 

*Just another nugget to consider; had to type this post twice as the first attempt's type would not display as I typed it. 


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

An Important Repost Because: "Love Is Love."

Jessica's daughters drew this in honor of this post.  

     Today's post is a repost, of a post I shared more than 4 years ago.  It's one of just a few guest posts that I've had here at Sadie's Gathering.  
     Many things have changed in the last few years; some for better, some less so. 

What has not changed, is the ever essential need for compassion, understanding and acceptance.

 For as Ms. Herthel states below, "Because willful ignorance leads to hateful ignorance." 

Sadly, today, even in 2017, we have too many examples as proof. 

So, again I share, "Ending The Gay Charade" by Jessica Mayer Herthel. 

Please pass along. 

 8/11/13~As promised today's post is a very timely and important post, "Ending the 'Gay' Charade".  I first came across this on Allison Tate's blog.  Allison asked her college friend, Jessica, to write the piece due to the timely manner in needing to explain some facts of life to her three sons.  I feel as a parent, this is something that we all need to do, for the reasons that I wrote in "Let's Talk About Sex".  When I finished that post, I knew that I didn't even scratch the surface on all I wished to express.  A few days after I posted it I read an article by Allison on Huffington Post that I liked.  Then after spending some time on her blog, came across "Ending the 'Gay' Charade".  I agreed with its message as well as found the idea of keeping it simple, to be common sense.  
Hope you enjoy it.  I think it's brilliant.

Ending the “Gay” Charade
By Jessica Mayer Herthel

“Mommy, what does ‘gay’ mean?”

“Um… uh… it means happy!  Happy and gay!  Now what should we have for breakfast?”

This message was brought to you by the Association for Nervous Parents, and sponsored by the Foundation of What Not to Do.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


      Well, it's that time of year again.  The hustle and bustle of getting ready for another school year. 

      This was a post that I wrote during my first year of Sadie's Gathering; which was also, the year my youngest, started kindergarten.  (For the record, yes, I still call her Counselor.)

      For what I think are obvious reasons; I'm sharing it again. 

From 8/13/2014~
     **I was planning on running this post again, on account that it's been a year since Ms. Tuff's and Mr. Hill's inspiring actions.  With the death of Robin Williams, who brought so many smiles and so much laughter, over so many years; and who'll be missed by those who knew him, and so many that didn't- it seems fitting all the more. 

So, as the summer ends, and our kids head back to school, I ask again that you "take a moment, then pass it on."

Wishing all love, compassion and hope.

This was originally started Friday, August 23rd, 2013, and as suspected there is not much in the news today about what happened in Atlanta, just a week ago.  My wish is the same nonetheless, so please, take a moment to read, then pass on.  Thank you.

     As I sit down to write, I confess that I thought I would be working on another post.  A post about our Elf.  That post will be light, and I hope funny, but as important that I feel it is to strive to keep things light and funny if at all possible, I know there are more important things.  And THIS is one of them.  Not for promoting Sadie's, but I truly hope that this is the post that goes viral.  So please, take a moment to READ THIS POST, (actually approximately 4 minutes) then pass it on to EVERYONE YOU CAN THINK OF.

     Today, as you may know, my youngest started kindergarten.  All went well, she walked into her idyllic school full of smiles, and I for the most part, kept it together, somewhat.  I mean, after all, she is my baby, my last child, and as she walked into the school I said a little prayer, "Please keep her safe."  I am sure I am not alone.  I sit here writing, and I can't believe, how quiet, and odd it is for me to be the only one in this house.  This week was crazy busy; full of getting the last minute things for school, starting school, school activities, playdates, over tired fits, and many, many other things.  I, along with many other parents, had their hands full, and their minds going 100 different ways, that I was kind of oblivious to the rest of the world.  This includes the occurrence near Atlanta.

     I call it an "occurrence", because we have that luxury.  We were granted that luxury due to the calmness and the grace of Ms. Antoinette Tuff.  In all likelihood, that occurrence will disappear from the headlines, the 24 hour multimedia news, and our minds.  Maybe even as soon as this piece is posted.   Life goes on.  As it should.  But we have a HUGE opportunity to learn from it. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


     Well, here we are August of 2017.

     I haven't been writing as much on Sadie's due to a job, family fun, other writing projects, and the sheer exhaustion, from trying to wrap my brain around the chaos the White House spits out on a nearly hourly basis since January 20th, of this year. 

     Still, I have a few posts that will be up relatively soon, including a follow up to "Do We Have the Ovaries..." .

     Today's post is in response to a link  I saw on Twitter this morning: 

     Now, I don't know how factual this is, or just the opinion of a few...  

Friday, July 21, 2017

Keeping Calm & Carrying On....

     I know on many days, it's hard, but it's what we gotta do. 
   One, this is America, and we love it.  Disagreeing vehemently and defending each other's rights to disagree vehemently is what America is about.  Exchanging views and ideas, till we create something extraordinary that's greater than all of us. 
     To the great American, Senator John McCain, I wish love, laughter, grace, and peace, to him and his loved ones.

    Wishing all a great weekend.  Enjoy every precious moment. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Why Shouldn't I Be Mad As Hell?

Right now as a I write, I plan to keep this short and to the point.

We'll see.

So in an effort to express all in one rambling ... uh... paragraph....