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Monday, September 12, 2016


LINK to Snopes provided link of Court Docket stating date and time

UPDATE AS OF 10/12- According to RAW STORY the date is now December 16 for the court date. 
     Not your usual "Save the Date" memo, I'll grant you.  But don't you think we should at least be hearing a little bit about this on MSNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, CBS News, or ABC News?

     I saw this "Reminder" online, on my Google Feed this morning.  I then Googled around and found the Snopes article, that featured the link to what seems to me, be a legit link.  Now, to be fair to Mr. Trump, I know that this is only alleging, and nothing has been proven, one way or another as of yet.
     So, presuming that the date for this case is October 14th, seems to me, Mr. Trump is going to have a busy 10 days.  The second presidential debate is on October 9th, with Anderson Cooper, (look for another post about him coming) and Martha Raddatz.  The third and final debate with Chris Wallace on October 19th.  Where will he find the time?
     I must say, it shines new light on the Vice President Candidates' Debate, on October 4th.  Because, let's say, if Trump was elected President, and has among others, a rape trial to attend, we might as well go ahead, and just inaugurate Gov. Mike Pence as the acting President of the US.  As if he wouldn't be already, I mean who the hell are we kidding?  Remember Donny Jr.'s questions to Gov. John Kasich?  Perhaps all the mainstream media might want to remember this, in case they're having trouble drumming up ratings for the VP Debate.  
     I just find it curious, to say the least, that the media focuses on Hillary's health, to the exclusion of all pertinent matters that will be around longer than her case of Walking Pneumonia. 

     Because to my recollection, I have yet to hear much about any of these:    
As seen on Twitter, posted by RiotWomenn
Any of which have had or will have repercussions longer than a typical case of Walking Pneumonia, which is 15 to 25 days.

So, October 14th could be very important.

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