A Little Dab of This & A Little Dash of That

The Inspiration

This picture is of Mom and Grandma Sadie, from May 1960.  I was lucky enough to be one of Sadie's granddaughters.  She was an amazing lady who loved life and loved to laugh.  She loved food and was a great cook, and I am happy to say that was passed on to Mom, (another amazing lady,  whom I loved and miss so much) and hopefully some onto me.  Sadie also had a great sense of wonder, humor and marveled at the world around her.

  Some of my earliest memories are going to Sadie's house and from the moment I walked in the door, I could smell biscuits in the oven, applesauce on the stove and either fried chicken, pork chops or maybe a roast for the main dish.  Everyone gathered in the kitchen; offered to help, usually to be shooed away by Sadie.  So they resigned to sitting down with the rest of the family, chatting and laughing throughout the evening.  Somewhere in the middle we sat down to dinner, said grace and gave thanks. 

Thus, my inspiration for Sadie's Gathering

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