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     The books that I have read range from the silly, to the classics, to nonfiction.  I will organize this list according to genre, but for now I will put them down as they occur to me. I will add on as I remember.

     Just to note, these are the books that I have enjoyed reading.  In many cases, I have read them more than once.  I do not enjoy books that are overly sad, traumatic or disturbing.  I get enough reality in real life.  I, in most cases, do not want to read about someone else's sad tales, fiction or not.  Same goes for movies.

     As I love books, I hope to pass that on to my daughters.  I am a huge fan of J.K. Rowlings' Harry Potter series, and am always pleased when I find books that I enjoy as much as my kids.  Particularly my 8 year old, as she has really mastered reading this year.

 So I would like to share a special note about the latest series that I have found that we love.

     Over last holiday season, I was searching for the chapter book; a book that would serve as a bridge from picture books and easy readers, to chapter books that would lead to a life long love of literature for my 8yr old.  I discovered Half Upon a Time by James Riley I bought Half Upon a Time and its sequel, Twice Upon A Time, for my 8 year old for Christmas.  We read nightly,  and I cannot say enough good about these two books! She and I both loved them.  Mr. Riley has incorporated every nursery rhyme and fairy tale I can think of, and has created what is sure to be a  much loved classic series.   We finished, Once Upon A Time, The End, over the summer.   All I can say is WOW!  So fun, and being me, a great ending, without wanting to spoil anything.  Worth the wait!  Just a big thank you to Mr. Riley for these great fun books. They're recommended for grades 3-5, but as long as there's a parent alongside, I think it is albeit a little challenging, but richly rewarding!  Should be considered a classic.  Can't wait for the next book from Mr. Riley.

     As we all know, time moves quickly, and I look forward to sharing the following with her, all too soon.

 Happy Reading!
Jane Austen-
Pride and Prejudice

James Barrie
The Little White Bird
Peter and Wendy

Ray Bradbury 
Dandelion Wine  I read every beginning of summer
The Halloween Tree  I read every October

Jimmy Buffett
Tales From Margaritaville
Where Is Joe Merchant?

The "Castle" Series- Created by ABC network -fun, quick read mysteries.  I love the show, and the books are a good fix during rerun season.
Heat Wave
Naked Heat
Heat Rises
Frozen Heat

Dame Agatha Christie
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
A Halloween Party
Murder On The Orient Express

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes

Ernest Hemingway 

The Sun Also Rises
A Moveable Feast

Tina Fey
I could not find a site to link here for Ms. Fey, bless her heart.  Bossypants came out in 2011, but I just got around to reading it.  Laughed and smiled 90% of the time while reading it.  During the other 10%  I was rolling my eyes- mostly due to the chapter, "Dear Internet".  Sad to finish the book.  Felt like I was waving goodbye to good friend.  Still, pleased as punch that she's on the same planet.

Roxane Gay
Bad Feminist
Bad Feminist is a collection of essays.  An f'in great conversation.  Like getting a whole day to chat with a close friend.  There'll be times you'll want to clink your drinks, times you'll want to just keep listening, and times you'll want to avenge.  Get it, read it, you'll get what I mean.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Gift From The See 

Adam Mansbach
Go the F#*k To Sleep  - A new classic bedtime story for the parents.
Shackling Water

Rosalind Miles
Who Cooked The Last Supper?/The Women's History of The World- Nonfiction and absolutely brilliant.  Not always easy to read, but needs to be read by all, men as well as women.

Henry Miller
Tropic of Cancer
Black Spring
Under the Roofs of Paris 
Quiet Days in Clichy 
Like being a fly on the wall with a narrator.  No telling what that fly will see. Subversive, "sock it to you", imagery.

Christopher Moore
Fluke  -Quirky and fun.  I want to read more of Moore in the future. 

Dr. Kary Mullis
Dancing Naked In The Mind Field 
A memoir of sorts, by a Nobel Prize winning scientist.  Everything from DNA, parapsychology, OJ Simpson, astral plane, to LSD, and back again.  Fun, thought provoking read.  I don't agree with all the views, but as I said fun and thought provoking.
Anais Nin
Delta of Venus - 50 Shades  has nothing on Ms. Nin.  If you like lush smut, Ms. Nin was ahead of her time. 

Marie Phillips
Gods Behaving Badly- Greek gods alive and well in present day London. Lot of fun.  Soon to be a movie with Christopher Walken as Zeus, and John Turturro as Hades.

Mario Puzo
The Godfather
Fools Die

John Steinbeck
Travels With Charley

P.L. Travers
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Comes Back
Mary Poppins Opens the Door
Mary Poppins In the Park

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