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Monday, January 14, 2013

I have been meaning to start a blog, website, or whatever you call it for quite some time.

Anyone who knows me knows I am one who has quite a few opinions on pretty much ... anything.

Whether it is food, restaurants, books, movies, sports, politics, religion, kids, women, men, travel, animals; well you get the picture.

My ideal site, or blog spot, would look something like my ideal kitchen.  Here's a rundown of what I will be aspiring to make my site look like. 

Very homey with changing views outside the windows, complete with different locations, (mountains, oceans, lakes, along with occasional city views; think Paris, London...) and changing weather.

It will have a recipe box with recipes that are tried and true, and those that I plan on trying at some point.

It will have a "CD Player"  with music listings I think are worthy.  Classical to Honkey Tonk.

It will have a small TV that I'll comment on a few or many shows... right now I am eagerly awaiting the return of the NHL.

Book shelf; I am reading Sherlock Holmes at the moment.

In the middle of the site will be a "table" where I will write the main post, hopefully regularly.

Other possibilities, my cup of brew, where I'll post my findings in my never ending search for the perfect cup of coffee.  Also, beer mug, and wine glass with the searches and the findings.

A calendar with the all holidays.   Attention pet owners: Today is national Dress Up Your Pet Day.

*There will be days that I edit more than others.  I write this as a disclaimer, after looking over this  post but being too lazy to research and fix today.

I will have lists posted on the fridge, including pet peeves, words of wisdom, and  TO DO Lists.

Thus my initial envisioning of Sadie's Gathering.

If this sounds like something you think you might enjoy, please let me know.

Till I reach my ideal, I believe this is a nice beginning to my adventure.

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