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Friday, April 19, 2013


AGLIO! 4/19/2013

      Buongiorno!  Today's post will be short, but I just wanted to check in.
It's National Garlic Day, so go getcha some, and partake of this amazing allium.
It's also my husband's birthday, thus the reason for the short post.
Hopefully you've been checkin in regularly to Sadie's Gathering, but in case it's been awhile, here's my suggestion of what to check out:
Words of Wisdom - I add to every few days, scroll down to the end to see the latest.
Bete Noire - Don't think there's anything new here, however, I will be doing a post soon; "Today's Toys- Kids' Dream, Parents' Nightmare"
Curious Things - For things that don't vex, but still perplex.
Recipes - There's only 6 here, but there's lots more on their way.  Would like to do a "dropdown" for this, but as you know I am no techie, but Ima gettin there, so hang in there.
April's Holidays - From April Fool's Day to National Honesty Day, and believe me when I say everything in between.  Tell A Lie Day & Lover's Day for example.   April's offbeat holidays are some of the most entertaining.  Jot through, and see if you don't agree.
   In addition to the "Today's Toys..." post, here's what's on the horizon at Sadie's:
     - "Perks of Being Fired" - I'll post this on April 24th in honor of the anniversary of me getting the        boot.
     - "What Stereotype Have You Become?" Just fun to think about but may cause a sigh or two.
     - "Ubiquity: Why Is It Everywhere?"  Enough said.
     - "First Impressions & Gut Feelings"  Do we listen to them like we used to?
     - "Why I Was An Only Child" - I'll aim to post this on May 2, in honor of Brothers and Sisters 
         Day.  It's be in honor of the friends that have become family over the years; not a speculation to
         my parents' family planning.
I would love to hear your comments, so feel free to post and let me know whatcha thinkin?  To join or leave a comment you need a google/gmail account, but it only takes a few minutes.

So, good luck in warding off the vampires and hope you discover a new use for the "stinking rose".

Ciao! A presto!


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