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Friday, July 26, 2013

Just Checkin' In

Hi to all!

Hope everyone is enjoying summer.  Here in the Midwest, it has been a little cooler than the usual humid hot summer, so my family has been enjoying the outdoors and keeping busy, thus why I haven't written since last weekend.

Here's what's down the road for Sadie's...

-My take on marriage.  Hope everyone has been enjoying my husband's cartoons, because there will be some great ones included in this post.

-A guest post, that I feel goes along with my "Let's Talk About Sex" post.

-Technology and Me; 

... as well as a few others, so please stop by regularly.

As many of you are, I am preparing for a new school year.  My youngest will "fly the coop" and begin all day kindergarten.  Needless to say, I am sure there will be a post concerning that.  I am also hoping that will give me a tad more time to devote to and develop Sadie's Gathering.  We'll see.

For today, I am off to play with another mom; go see an adult movie, (by that I mean a PG or R rated movie) then dinner and chat where we call each other by our first names.  Sometimes a nice break from "Mom!" or "Mrs. so and so."

Have a great weekend, and swing by when you get a chance.

Wish you all the fun and good times summer brings!

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