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Monday, July 8, 2013

My Summer Quest

     Today is July 8, and again it is raining.  I like rain.  To a point.  I usually get more done on a rainy day than on a sunny one.  In my crazy brain, I feel that the world expects one to be a productive individual on sunny days, so I resist and tend to be more productive on rainy days. With that said, one of the ways to wile away the rainy hours is a good book.  As I have mentioned, I am reading Travels With Charley, but will soon be finished.  Then I'll read Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine, another summer fav.  After that I just don't know, so I am starting a summer quest.

     My summer quest is to find the perfect summer novel.

     I want it to be delightful.  Maybe set in a foreign country.  Murder mystery, comic, steamy, lusty, and fun.  Nothing too deep, but well written.  Christopher Moore's books are fun and quirky, as are Jimmy Buffett's.  Lookin' for a little more steam though, so to speak.

     Any suggestions?  Please let me know.  Write them in the comments section below this post, or email me at sadiesgathering@gmail.com

     Oh, and look at that... it's sunny now, so gotta go and play!

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