Monday, July 8, 2013

My Summer Quest

     Today is July 8, and again it is raining.  I like rain.  To a point.  I usually get more done on a rainy day than on a sunny one.  In my crazy brain, I feel that the world expects one to be a productive individual on sunny days, so I resist and tend to be more productive on rainy days. With that said, one of the ways to wile away the rainy hours is a good book.  As I have mentioned, I am reading Travels With Charley, but will soon be finished.  Then I'll read Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine, another summer fav.  After that I just don't know, so I am starting a summer quest.

     My summer quest is to find the perfect summer novel.

     I want it to be delightful.  Maybe set in a foreign country.  Murder mystery, comic, steamy, lusty, and fun.  Nothing too deep, but well written.  Christopher Moore's books are fun and quirky, as are Jimmy Buffett's.  Lookin' for a little more steam though, so to speak.

     Any suggestions?  Please let me know.  Write them in the comments section below this post, or email me at

     Oh, and look at that... it's sunny now, so gotta go and play!

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