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Friday, September 13, 2013

Business Card

      Lots going on here at Sadie's... been a busy week, for my girls at school, and we attended a friend's wedding.  Along with that, my eldest celebrated her 9th birthday.  In honor of this momentous event, I have been working on a post entitled, "What I've Learned" which I hope to post by tomorrow.

     In the mean time, thought I would share another big project that I (with the help of my talented husband) have concluded, Sadie's Gathering's first business card.  Since there are readers I will not meet anytime soon, thought this would be the next best thing. 
     Above is the front.  The flower illustration is an original my husband drew for me based on my wedding bouquet.  The original purpose was for the tattoo that I have on my left ankle.  So, I thought it was appropriate.
     The back of the card:
Thought it was a great representation of my mission with Sadie's Gathering.  Hope you agree.

Have a great weekend!


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