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Friday, November 1, 2013

Time To Be Thankful

     So, got the Halloween decorations put away,  (my witches stay up all year, in case you were wondering) and it's November 1st.  Time to gettin' to being thankful, in the holiday spirit, and all that jazz. 
     Thought that since I ended October with the "13 Reasons Witches Rock!" November should be headed up with all about the thanks.   I know I have lots to be thankful for.  I'll try to note them throughout the month, at the beginning of posts, as a way to remind myself, that regardless of the fits that my kids throw, the bills that need to be paid, and the successful infrastructure of cobwebs throughout my house, (thanks to the industrious little bastards) I have a lot to be thankful for.
      Let's start with the coffee.   There was steam coming up from the cup that I hoped to show in the photo; but I am not that savvy with Photoshop.  Speaking of Photoshop, have you seen this video? If I was a supermodel from yesteryear (pre-Photoshop) I'd be miffed.  How many models have starved themselves and worked out for hours to achieve the same effect?  Oh vell, just something to think about.
      May not be alone in this, but, first thing this morning I got to deal with a Category 5 -pre-school meltdown from my oldest.  Perhaps too much candy or not enough sleep.  So, after returning from delivering a turned around, placated, happy go lucky, (not worth going into what feats I had to perform for this) 9yr old and her 5yr old sister to school on time; COFFEE IS WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR TODAY.  And of course the two darlings that made me realize how thankful I am for coffee; I am thankful for them too.
     The mug above is one that I gave my mom one Mother's Day, many years ago.  Needless to say,
I am beyond thankful for that lady.
      Be back soon.

Note: If by chance you do not have time to take down your Halloween decor, or just don't feel like it, take heart: a lot of the world is still celebrating, Samhain, All Saints Day, or Dia de Los Muertos.
Something to be thankful for.

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