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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To Get Away

Just a quick post today.

As much as I'd like everyone to read "Do Me Favor"; for what I believe are obvious reasons, I've thought it best to get a new photo up to greet all who stop by Sadie's

The photo is of Point Dume, just north of Malibu in California.  It was our favorite beach to go to while we lived there.  Not too crowded, just a nice beach to spend the day swimming, hiking, or whatever.  Usually saw wildlife that included pelicans, seals, dolphins and whales.  It was also relatively close to a couple of great seafood shacks.

This photo was taken Feb. 26, 2010.  Four years ago.  Right now it is 0 degrees.  Again.  Know I am not alone in looking forward to warmer days.  I know they'll come, just wondering, when?

Here's another to help you think of warmer times:

Have a great day.

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