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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Should Be Dancin'... Yeah

Cartoon courtesy of my husband, Davis Jaye.

      If you think the cartoon is cute, you should see the photo that inspired it!  Photo was of our youngest, grooving out to Stevie Ray Vaughan, outside during a lovely late summer evening, with only a diaper and a smile.  Out of courtesy to my daughter, I had my husband work up the cartoon to put out there instead.

     So... finally it's getting warm and sunny.  Eleven days of school left.  Hard to believe another year's gone by.  Went through a little stress that I won't go into, but didn't have the desire or even really the time to write.  Pretty much in a kinda limbo; again.  For those of you who've experienced that state, you know how frustrating and maddening it can be.  Trying to get back into the swing of things.  Therefore, I should be dancin'... yeah.

     Speaking of dancing, anyone else addicted to DWTS?  Tonight's the finale.  I'm rooting for Meryl & Maks.  Just a tad of mindless fun.

     With the the daily fun of homelife, the headlines we see, and especially the ones we don't but should, (more later) one needs some mindless fun from time to time.

     Then there's the fun that's mindful... Hari Kondabolu is one of my favorite comics.  If you haven't seen him, click his name to check him out.  Smart and funny.

     That's it for today.  Be back tomorrow.  At least that's the plan for now.

Tootles ... You should be dancin' too.


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