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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is It Just Me?

      Well, I'm at it again.  Looking for 1 great, or (gasp) more than, well written, fun, funny, smutty, escapism, adult summer books.

     If there's mystery, fine.  If there's a murder, okay, so long as it doesn't pertain too much to the characters.  No tearjerkers.  Really, no thought provokers even.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I get enough reality, in my real life; and it doesn't take much to set the wheels of my mind aspinnin'.

     If you've been stopping by Sadie's Gathering for a while, you'll remember the above cartoon as the one I featured in Oh Please!  Pretty much everything I wrote in that still holds true a year later.

Here's a quick synopsis for how this year's search is going.
     First I check out the usual suspects for Great Summer Reads lists.  I visit the local book stores, the library then the computer; Google, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and then a few other spots.
     Huffington Post has several lists of recommended books, sadly none of their recommendations fit the bill for my summer quest, thus far.
     In "30 Books You Need To Read In 2014," Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro is described as the following:
"Reminiscent of Meg Wolitzer's 2013 hit The Interestings, Fierro's book catalogues two summer days at a beach house, where a group of 30-something friends meet, and many realize that they're disappointed with what their lives are turning out to be."

Doesn't exactly give off a fun, funny, smutty vibe, if you ask me.

There is one, that did have my interest piqued.  Taint by S.L. Jennings.  Why?  Well if the title doesn't make you a tad curious, the cover may:

keep on scrolling...

Taint by S. L. Jennings.

See my point?

So, I read the Overview. 

Okay... interesting... I thought it might be fun despite a few questions from the get go.  More on those in a moment

Then I read the Nook Book preview, and well, it lost me.   

     The book's written in first person- from Justice Drake's (L'Instructor) point of view.  So it goes from his introduction, covered in the overview, to him telling the reader about his favorite part of the day- like Walt Whitman took posession, describing the hues of the Arizona sky and sun.  Call me crazy, but from the cover, prose is not what pops to mind; or strikes me as that man's forte.  Though no doubt he's seriously talented in other areas for sure.

As for my initial questions; after the self proclaimed sex guru "turns the wives into whores"; do they return to their faithless husbands whom I seriously doubt measure up?  Or, do they take their resurrected libidos and head to greener pastures?  

For now, it's a "maybe".
So, my quest continues. <sigh>

Any suggestions?  Would love to hear them; just leave a comment.

Happy Reading!

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