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Monday, May 5, 2014

Superhero Needs Costume

Last night, I dreamed I was a superhero.

Stop laughing.

My husband told me he's always thought of me as that.  So there... anyway, back to the dream.

I was part of a league...not sure how many, but Matt Bomer and Salma Hayek were, um... 
co-heroes, so obviously we were pretty kickass.

There was a group of ne'er-do-wells, (they had a spaceship of course) that were wreaking havoc upon the Earth via extreme weather.  Torrential rains, Arctic snow, hot as Hell, all in the course of a day. Yeah, I know, doesn't take much to figure what the impetus for that was.

Anyway,  I was strolling around a farmer's market, dodging hail, looking for veggies, when I noticed my buddy Salma, and I knew.   Knew that it was time to don my disguise and step into action.

Next the two of us were determinedly walking down a street reminiscent of Melrose, and went into a shop of an owner named Joe.  Joe had a fro, and I think was actually Wolfman Jack.   I was searching the racks hurriedly for a disguise/costume with the help of Salma and Joe.

Finally, I was outside a community center, people rushing in, and there was deep snow all around.  Given that most of the people were in swimsuits,  I'd say the snow was a recent development.  Matt soared down to get me.  He filled me in on what he'd found out.  Don't remember what, but he said it with that great smile.

And we were off.

Flying of course.

There was another guy/co-hero flying with us.  I have no idea of who he was or what he looked like.  I mean, Matt Bomer was there; easy to understand how the other guy was over shadowed.  Poor thing.

Not sure what my superpowers were, other than flying.  Hell, that's a good start.

I was woken up by my two younger real life cohorts. 

Good way to start a Monday.

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