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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


You are born.

You make movement.  You cry.  You smile along about 6 weeks.  You sqirm, scooch, crawl, walk.  Fall down.  You breathe in and out.  You intake oxygen, you blow out carbon dioxide.  You walk.  You run.  You grow.  You talk.  You learn. You grow.  Your body develops. You regard other people.  Some you like.  Some not so much.  You eat.  Some foods you like, some you eat because you need energy.  You get hungry.  You get tired.  You sleep.  You dream.  You may make decisions.  You love.
You go crazy.  You repeat some cycles.  You get sick. You get well.  You believe. You learn.  You know.  You lie.  You scheme.  You love.  You hate.  You may laugh.  You may cry.  You get scared.  You think.  You think.  You may know happiness. You will know misery.

You die.

All this is true for me.  All this is true for you.  All this is true for the next human you see.  All this is true for the human on the other side of this ball.

Get it?

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