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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Plain and simple.
This is what is going through my mind right now and for the past 48 hours.
As you know, I am moving.
I called Comcast 2 weeks ago, to move the service from the present address to the new address in 1 MONTH.  Have you seen their ads for "Let Comcast help make your move easier"?  DO NOT BELIEVE IT, DO NOT FALL FOR IT!
In a nutshell, (chances are I will do a longer post for cathartic purposes at a later date) Comcast turned off our service at our current address yesterday, and I guess turned on the service at the address where we'll be in 2 weeks.
It has taken me, (no this is exact- not an exageration) 2hrs and 14 minutes, 4 "customer service executives" TODAY, and 3hrs, 22 minutes and 8 "customer service executives", YESTERDAY, to perhaps get my service restored; perhaps.  I say perhaps because I was told within 24 hours.  I'm at my library on their computer right now. The reason that I put customer service executives" in quotes is because that is what Comcast calls their employess; however did you know that Comcast DOES NOT HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT?  Only supervisors in TELEPHONE ; TELEVISION; INTERNET; SALES; AND BILLING.  THAT'S IT.
Because Comcast pretty much has a monopoly in our area, we have been customers for 4 1/2 years.  However, seldom does a month go by that I don't have to spend at least an hour talking to some "customer service executive," about some trouble that I am having with my telephone, tv, or internet.
Have you seen their ads for trusting Xfinity with your home security system?
Since they cannot manage to keep my phone, tv, and internet working smoothly for a month- it will be a cold day in Hell before I ever trust them with the security of my home.
As for you, if you're here, have a blessed day.
 Check out this Funny or Die video.
Warning: Language in video is NSFW or children.

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