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Friday, August 29, 2014

Mind the "Gap"

This is meant in fun. Maybe- we'll see. 

Not talking about the popular English phrase that has to do with the London underground train.

Nor am I talking about the global fashion conglomeration, The Gap.

I am talking about the occurrence of a space between the thighs of a human being, when standing with knees touching.  Specifically on a woman. 

Let's face it, on a man he'd need to be either a eunuch or a man of incredible misfortune to possess such a trait.

I'd heard about it of course.  I knew that some women had it and some did not.  I am one of the have nots.  Thought it was an odd thing to strive for.  Note it is not my intention to be insensitive or to trivialize this.  I have 2 kids and am past the age- or just don't have the energy or mental capacity to imagine my body any other way, than the way it's been for several years now.  Then again there was a time I tried to convince myself that I was destined to be a tanned goddess; with the help of cocoa butter, vegetable oil, and good ol' Land O' Lakes.  As in butter.  Did I mention that I am a redhead?  

Back to the "thigh gap."

I then read,  Ellen and Erin's Sisterhood of Motherhood of Sensible Mom's, "Enough with the Thigh Gap," and thought, Oh boy.  I never realized "thigh gap" had become such an obsession.  As for Dane Cook; I couldn't agree more with Ellen.  Bring on the fire ants.

Criminy!  "Thigh Gap" even has its own Wikipedia page.   Couldn't help but roll my eyes when I read, "...with some (women) considering it a sign of femininity and fragility." 

Let's get one thing straight: Women possess the power to push forth life from their loins.  To me, there isn't one thing fragile about being a woman.  I think about the women that I have known, and know now; with what they persevere through, and I am in constant awe.

Then there's an article in the India Times.

When I read this, I remembered my own obsession with my upper thighs in my late teens. Aie.
It wasn't spelled out so plainly then as "thigh gap;" but the quest was there all the same.  My mom always told me "it's a lot easier to lose 5 pounds, than 20"; and "It doesn't go on overnight, so it won't come off overnight."  Again; Aie. I am a mom of 2 girls.  I am doing my damnedest to not bring body obsession into our home.  I am proud to say, in our house, the word, diet means "what one eats," rather than "a reduction of calories or food."   Both of my daughters are active usually; but also have their share of moments of impersonating a sloth.  I do my best, not to even think about worrying about making sure they get enough activity, and proper diet, at least for right now.  However, when I read the Indian Times article, I couldn't help checking out the "7 Day Flat Belly Diet Plan," listed on the same page.  They were not in the room. 

Thought it was damn predictable that they have a photo of what is obviously a woman's stomach; and just her stomach, depicting the Flat Belly Plan.  While there is a photo of a well muscled male model, tape measure around his stomach, smiling I might add- with the title, "20 Ways to Gain Weight Fast."  Hell with 'em.


Here's 2 perks to not having a thigh gap:

-Never will be confused with a flamingo.

-Plainly proves to any flippin' idiot looking for a gap- that he's "never gonna get it".

Honestly- what muck first coined the phrase "thigh gap"?  According to the Wikipedia page, (which is all I am going to research into this... whatever you wanna call it), has something to do with Victoria Secret's Christmas Fashion Show.  Ho!Ho!Ho!

To close this "gap"-

Have you heard of  Meghan Trainor?  If not, you will.

Here's the video of her song, "All About The Bass"; all about being happy with whatever your size and shape.  As she eloquently states, "Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top."


I saw on the iTunes page, among the reviews was the thought that Ms. Trainor was shaming skinny girls.  I don't think so.  I'm not a skinny girl though, so what do I know?  I think just as Maddie & Tae sing, in the fun video below, "Girl In A Country Song", women have more to do than worry about attracting a man.

Good luck getting a few of those images of the men, out of your brain.

How about this gap?

Women make less, for doing the same damn job.  Still.

Different studies come up with different statistics about how different.

Doesn't matter to me; if it's different; if it's less; IT'S NOT EQUAL.

That "GAP", is the one I'll be minding.


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