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Monday, August 18, 2014

Oy Vey!... I Mean Ove!

Where do I begin?

With moving comes the need for regular trips to Menards.

While there, I searched out a salesperson to ask a couple of questions.  Found 2 chatting over a recent addition to their product line.  The salesman noticed I'd walked up, and looked at me with a smile, and inquired,"Good afternoon mam, how about an Ove toilet? It's $1500."  "What?!..." was my response and he and his coworker jointly explained that they agreed with my amazed reaction.

I was curious.  Being naive about the costs of toilets I did a bit of research to see what was an outrageous price.  So, if you have some serious dough to spend on a loo and that's your thing- here's what you might consider: The Most Expensive Toilets

All I can think is, if these come to be, it's going to be bad news for  PooPourri and adult wipes.  Not to mention for toilet paper in general.

Hey, who am I to argue with progress?

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