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Monday, April 15, 2024

Picture Day!

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Ah... Picture Day...

That day, every school year that I try like mad to get my girls to wear something nice, get their hair combed just right, and maybe even don a barrette or a bow in their hair.

When they get a little older, you give 'em a few more tips:

Try to look in a mirror right before the picture is shot- check your nose, check your teeth, be certain that nothing is in either that shouldn't be.

You hope that the photo will capture the happy go lucky, confident, well adjusted kid, you pray that you are doing all that you can to ensure; that the school photo will embody the proof of all of your efforts.

This is my sixth year at it; and I think I've learned the trick:

Let them wear whatever.  After all, the photo only captures the face and the shoulders.

"You want to comb your hair?"  Great!  "You don't?  Okee dokee..." (<sigh> silently to yourself)...

Before we leave the house, the big finale:

"Come here, gimme a hug... you look great, c'mon let's go." 

 Drop them off at school, and before you part, tell them a silly joke*.  Then tell them to have a great day, and tell them when the photographer says "SMILE"- they should say, "MARSHMALLOW!"

Hey, it worked for the fella above.

*Silly Joke:   What did the girl mushroom say to the boy mushroom?  You're a fun-guy!

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