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Friday, September 26, 2014

Welcome Fall!

As I've mentioned before, I love fall.

The leaves.  The smell.

The crisp morning air.

The gray, seemingly endless rainy days.

The hopeful, seemingly endless sunny and unseasonally warm days, that start the season off... or pop up out of nowhere to our vocal disdain, yet warrant our secret private gratitude.

The nostalgia.  Some childhood memories.  Some from not so long ago.  And then creating some new memories.

The food.  The soups, breads, stews, roasts, pies.

The movies.  Settling in to watch The Godfather, for the zillionth time, with untold bottles of a good red, and great spaghetti; either by yourself, or a few loved ones is a classic.  If you're by yourself, I strongly recommend keeping the number of bottles of a good red to one.  But hey, again... that's your call; I don't judge.

The books.  Again: The Godfather; is a book that just seems to be meant for fall.  Once October hits; there's the class monster books: Frankenstein; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Dracula; The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  Or of course, something from the master, Stephen King.  Sadly, I cannot read many of Sir King's books, due to the fact that I am a chicken shtilly.  I have no problem scaring the daisies out of myself, just sitting by myself, downstairs alone in my house, with me and my imagination.  A sound is quickly made into a ne'er do well, intent on doing me graphic harm.  So, I steer clear of the King.  Yet I've read enough to know, he is the king, and I tip my proverbial hat to him.  He has the talent of winkling into our innermost thoughts to bring to light, (or dark) our innermost fears.

Another, master: Ray Bradbury.  It wouldn't be fall for me without reading The Halloween Tree.  Gonna try to add Something Wicked This Way Comes, this fall, but we'll see.

Fall is the time it seems that everyone just settles into the comfiness of the season.   Like a favorite chair.  Everything has started, school, fall sports, along with different programs. It might be a book club, the chess club, poker nights, or a cooking class; chances are you have started, know the players, and are starting to delve in.

It's the season where the holidays are about pretending, remembering loved ones, and giving thanks.

Gotta run, there's zucchini bread that needs baking.


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