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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If We Could Go Back...

As much as I know should've, could've, would've is a waste of time; sometimes I wonder if I would've
done this or that, where would I be now?  Talking to friends, I know I am not alone.

There are times in relationships, choices made, yesterday's decisions; if we'd only have done that whatever, things would be different.

A lot of it is perspective.  I'm a glass half full kinda gal, so I realize that one difference in the past, and everything would be different today, the good as well as the not so.

It is normal to ponder about the past, to wonder,  what if?

So, recently I got to thinking about the entire world.

For one, sure sounds like a good sci fi novel plot.

How far would we need to go back, in order to make some different choices and decisions, to ensure a better, less crazy, more compassionate world today?

Just something to think about.

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