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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Compliment of The Day...

I am looking forward to watching the Golden Globes today.  The Dynamic Duo of Poehler and Fey are always fun and the fact that this is to be their last time hosting, increases the chance of it being a rare treat not to miss. 

One of the films, that is a contender, for various awards this season is The Theory of Everything.

Today, while reading through some of Stephen Hawking's quotes, one particularly appealed to me.

"Women.  They are a complete mystery."

The fact that one of, if not the greatest mind of our time, confesses to not have women figured out; I find incredibly uplifting.  High praise.

The beginning of time... check.  How the universe works... check.  

Women.  Not a clue.

Thank you, Mr. Hawking.

To all the ladies:  

Let's continue to keep 'em guessing...

Enjoy the show... and the night.

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