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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where Do We Begin?

Happy 2015!

Been out of commission for a few days, thanks to a few things.  

All the while trying to think what I'd like to start off with as to topics I want to write about.  So I was surfing' the web and finding a few things that got the wheels turning.


After A Year Without God, Former Pastor Ryan Bell No Longer Believes

and there's:

Warning, if you go through all 100, you may wish to boycott a few companies if you're in a "sensitive" mood.

I have a degree in journalism, with a focus on creative and copy writing.  Spent many an hour studying methods of advertising, so several of these ads got me started thinking about future posts.

For starters, this one:

Too much going through my mind to even begin on my issues with that one.  Can easily see why it got people talking.  More on this to umm... follow; in another post.  

As for Sean John; Sean Combs, P Diddy, etc.- if ANYONE every gave me Unforgivable Woman, (his cologne for women); I'd become an unforgiving woman PDQ.  That's an acronym for "pretty-darn-quick" for you millennials.

If you take the time, you'll see offensive, disturbing, and silly.  Some of the ads are from years gone by, as in the Mad Men era.  At least I hope they are.

I found both the article about the pastor, and the slideshow of ads on Huffington Post.  To the first article I commented:

Just as I don't want someone pushing their beliefs, or for that matter non beliefs onto me; I'll simply wish him peace on his journey. Don't really get why there's negative comments about him. My beliefs and faith are for me, nobody else. Peace to all, whatever path. Happy 2015!

I seldom comment on anything there these days, due to the reasons shared in

Huffinton Post+facebook =NIGHTMARE.


Back to the article, as expressed in my comment, I really don't care.  Fine-n-dandy, cotton candy.
Peace to him and all; whatever be their chosen path.

Finally, today, I saw this:

Phyllis Schlafly: Campus sex assault is on the rise because too many women go to college

Using Ms. Schlafly's logic: the planet Earth would be doing alright if it wasn't for all those wretched people.

Apparently, she went to college.  Nice to see her education has served her well.  If nobody else.  
Would have been nice had she been able to acquire a smidgen of humility and compassion along the way.

To that I bid you adieu for now.

Looks like 2015's going to be an interesting year.

Peace to all.

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