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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


With Valentine's Day right around the corner, thought I'd stroll a bit off the usual path, and do a post about flowers.

I love fresh cut flowers.  There are arrangements with nice silk and dried flowers too.

As I told more than one friend recently, getting flowers for a special someone is great; however, make sure to get flowers that they like.  Just as important; if you are buying chocolate make certain you know what kind the object of your affections likes.  Or, (gasp!) that they even like chocolate.  I may do a post on that within a couple of days.

Just because it's Valentine's Day, doesn't mean you need to get roses.  Know what your beloved likes.  Lest you want to see the flowers in the trash within a couple of days' time, or passed on.

Don't get me wrong roses are beautiful.  There are just so many other different gorgeous blooms in so many different colors, that will also inspire love and admiration.    Keep in mind that roses also come in many colors.

Also, pay attention to where you are buying them.  Fresh flowers should last at least one week, if not two.  Some can be dried and put into lovely arrangements that last even longer.

Below are some photos of other flowers you may want to consider.  There are so many more.  With the exception of the title photo above, and the photo of the carnations below; all photos are from different sites online.  I tried to give credit to all that are due.  I tried to include the meanings of each flower, if I could find it.  However,  many flowers have as many different meanings, as it has hues that the flower comes in.

Hope you enjoy looking at the pretty flowers.

Clematis~mental beauty

Caspia~good filler flower
Asiatic Lilies~

Peony~prosperity & happy marriage

Gerbera Daisy~beauty, purity, and innocence 


Tulips~perfect love

Carnations~fascination and new love

Calla Lily~love & romance

Alstroemeria~prosperity, friendship

Spider Mum~Fidelity, optimism
Freesia~Innocence, thoughtfulness, friendship

Dahlia~Diversity, Elegance, Dignity

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