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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quick Question; OK a Few On Valentine's Day.

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This is a repost from last year's Valentine's Day, but given the current situation here in the US as well as around the world, think it's as relevant than ever. 

Hope your Valentine's Day has been all that you hoped.

This will be quick-
Earlier today, I saw this on Upworthy:
"Almost 50 years ago, they were sentence to prison for marrying each other."

It prompted my questions for the day.

Are you in love?  Have you ever been in love?

If "Yes" be your answer, you know it's pretty great.  Regardless of religion, race, gender, or ethnicity.

Wish someone would explain to me why oh why, some do not want that for their fellow human.  Why would someone not want the same thing for their neighbor, that makes them want to sing, shout, or jump on couches, a la Tom Cruise?

Especially since love is supposed to be the answer.  

"All you need is love." Thank you Mr. Lennon.

We even have a holiday dedicated to it for crikey sake.  Today.  Valentine's Day.

Not sure if world peace is still a goal, let alone the goal.  But, how can we expect everyone to spread love if we don't let every human experience love for themselves?

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Oh Valentine, Valentine!

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