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Monday, May 4, 2015

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

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     It's Monday, and since I am going to encourage my daughters' school's "Screen Free Week" suggestion for my daughters; I am going to try to lead by example.  For the most part.  There are the Stanley Cup Playoff games going on, so, sorry, won't be 100%.  

     The reason for my photo, and my title, is my Monday gripe.  While watching the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday, I heard a statement made by a commentator, that, umm, gave me pause.  Right before the main race at 5:42 CST, as the horses were walking into their designated slots, two men were commenting about what magnificent animals they all were.  
     Then one of them states, "It's like being in a room full of beautiful women, and then Miss America walks in..." 

Oh no- that's not offensive at all.

I posted my amazement of the comment, on Facebook, and Twitter.  Got a few responses from friends, and one retweet.
I even googled to see who said it to no avail.

So, it's my problem.  I've got the issue.  I'm the ass....

But really?  Anyone else hear it?  Anyone else think the guy's a smacked ass?

Movin' on.
A few words about my post "OH BOY!"   

     Just to be clear, I'm not for the objectification of men, any more so than for the objectification of women.  Just think that if there are restaurants that focus on presenting the cliched ideal via the staff for straight men, lesbians, and gay men, there should be such for straight women.  We don't like to share our cliched ideal any more (or less for that matter) than any other classification.  When you stop and think about it though, do you really wanna mix food and sex?
     Honestly I just like restaurants to focus on food, and the service required pertaining to that food.  Eye/mind candy can be found anywhere, regardless of degree of undress.  Seriously; people need to work on their imagination, so the restauranteurs will get back to focusing on FOOD.
     What you do with your leftovers once you get home...
is your business.

Have a good week.

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