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Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Thoughts/Questions

     Well, it's Friday.  Again.  Normally I'd be trying to finish off one of the many posts that I'd been working on.  Today however, due to the sun a shining; yet another shooting; and more questions about political candidates, equality laws, and much more; I am just going to share my end of the week thoughts/questions.  They may end up as a post; or they may just serve as an impetus for... whatever.  

Take 'em as you like 'em.

     *Why is Brian Encinia not being discussed, reported on  more?

     *Last night, while watching Hardball With Chris Matthews, Ted Cruz mentioned that he'd come across many democrats who told him they knew he was for them, so they were for him.  Just like the Reagan democrats.  WHAT THE....?  Ted Cruz is a GOP candidate that along with every other GOP candidate is for pro-life policy, ending Planned Parenthood, is against marriage equality, not to mention against civil/human rights for every single American human.  I've said it before, ("Let's Be Clear") and I'll say it again; like many Americans, I do not have the luxury of considering borders, economics, or foreign policy until I'm certain that the candidate in question is for equality in all things, real and implicit, for every single American human.
      And you gotta admit, in a year with 16 candidates that crosses a lot off my slate.  They are entertaining however.  Going through lots of popcorn and it's only July.
     As for the Reagan Democrats, I admit, I'll have to research a tad more.  Right now that just reminds me of how "Reaganomics" turned two life long republicans, (my dad and my uncle) into democrats.  Is that what Senator Cruz meant by "Reagan Democrats"?

     *Heard somewhere there's something something about Hillary's emails.  Okay.  We'll see.  Unless they reveal that she's pro-life, ending Planned Parenthood, and not for equality for all... Oh, that's right: I STILL WON'T VOTE FOR A GOP CANDIDATE.  But I will still vote.  And I still don't want a GOP candidate  making decisions that will take away from me, my choice, my rights, my money, and regard me as an afterthought. 

     * The Donald needs new material.  I know, I know, he's got $10 Billion, ("actually it's more"); everybody loves him, and he loves everybody, despite what scathing insults he hurled yesterday.  "Just ask anybody, and they'll tell you how great Donald Trump is".  

     *Race.  Too much to articulate here.  Does it seem like every week lately there's a news story concerning racism?  Do you know why?  My thought: because we live in a racist country.  Pure and simple.  No, it may not be as bad as some countries, but it's like the term "unique"; if it's some of that quality, it defines the whole.  Maybe if we acknowledge that, we can start to change it.  Drives me nuts when a white person gives examples of situations as proof that we don't live in a racist society.  Totally not acknowledging the fact, that we don't all live in their little bubble of life.  

     *Sort of reminds me of when Rand Paul stated as evidence that women were doing fine, because women in his family were doing fine.  He only has sons.  Oh, okay Mr. Paul, I, a woman, must be mistaken.  Well, if we women have "won the war", then suffice it to say if you or any of your buddies get in office, that will be a thing of the past. 
     *So sad to hear about another senseless tragedy.  Can't help but shake my head as journalists question associates, acquaintances looking for insight.  

      *Life is precarious as it is precious. 

     Enjoy your weekend.  


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