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Monday, September 28, 2015


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Going a little crazy in the past week or so; need to try to get back to posting regularly.

So Scott Walker is now out of the race, along with Rick Perry.

Ben Carson is anti Muslim.

Uh... no he's not; well, according to him.  More on that in a moment.

Then there was the Pope's visit.  Woohoo!

And Huckabee's friend Ms. Davis in KY.  Still rolling my eyes.

So, I think there is a CATCH 22 - that we need to talk about.  I think it can also be looked at as
 A HUGE PINK ELEPHANT; thus the cute cartoon.

     However you found any of Dr. Carson's comment's, his initial thought was, he would not be for electing a president if that person was a Muslim.

     Then, in response to  others' responses including Mitt Romney's,   Dr. Carson had THIS TO SAY.

     Then there's an article about the possibility of a Jewish president.

     So, let's talk about it.

     In America, there is a notion to have a separation of Church and State, that's sort of part of the First Amendment; with rather ambivalent statements; which is reason again, for at least a discussion about an updated Constitution.

     I am a Christian.  I've had my faith questioned by others many times, and been called a myriad of terms.   That is how I view myself; despite others' opinions that my liberal stances make that impossible.  Other people's opinion of me is none of my business.  Just as my religious and spiritual path is none of theirs.

But let's leave that out.

      I'm not much of a fan of Dr. Carson, but there are some points that need to be said that might seem a tad in his defense; hold that thought till the end, and we'll see.

     I agree that we should be able to elect a president regardless of their religion.

     That being said, I find it to be a foolish notion to think that even though we are a Melting Pot of a nation, and even though it's 2015; we would have an easy time electing a president who is of any religion, other than what EVERY SINGLE OTHER PRESIDENT HAS BEEN.  As mixed a bunch as we are, I would be even more surprised if Americans would ever elect a president who is of no faith.  By that I mean an atheist.  More on that in a moment.

     The other morning, watching the Pope at the White House, with "God bless America" being proclaimed several times; what if the president worshipped Allah?  How about the Goddess? (Wicca)  I adore this Pope.  I mean, I'm not Catholic, but did you ever think you'd hear a pope, ask nonbelievers, and people of no faith, to concede to just a humble request for them to send him well meaning wishes?  I think there's been a fair share of popes who would have spent the entire trips trying to convert any many as possible and bring them to God.  This to me was such a beautiful example of the Golden Rule.

     I have not read the Quran.   Sharia Law from reading just a little bit, is not to comprehend it.  I do think it's a tad naive not to realize that for some, religions are law.  And thus, cannot be shut off to appease others easily.
     If even possible, and that president was willing to put the Constitution ahead of their religion; let's consider what concessions America would actually be ready to make.  Interesting thought, considering many cannot even agree on what the tenets of Christianity are; much less which ones we're willing to place behind the Constitution.  Of course then we play which parts of which go behind which.  And then we need to remember, that we're not in agreement of what parts of the Constitution really mean.  And even with the candidates of present, regardless of their religion, many don't acknowledge that inequality even exists; and they somehow fail to see all the problems that stem from it.  But that's for another post.  We have "In God We Trust" inscribed on every piece of currency in the United States.  And to my knowledge, in all of our schools, The Pledge of Allegiance includes, "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."  
     Would America be willing to change either or both?

     I agree with Chris Weigant, author of "How About A Jewish President?" in that it's a tad of a moot point to argue about the possibility a Muslim president; since none of the candidates are Muslim.  There is however, a Jewish candidate, Bernie Sanders, who says that he is, "Proud to be Jewish," but admits, he's "not particularly religious."  That could and most likely will, be construed in a multitude of ways.  

     Which brings me back to the atheist point.

     Nice bunch, atheists.  There's something to be said for those who don't see life as a dress rehearsal, or save being kind for an afterlife.  I find them fascinating.  Yes, I've had atheists remark when they find out I'm a Christian, about "babysitter in the sky" rhetoric and ask how I go on with my belief not knowing, with all evidence proving otherwise.
     To which I reply:  that's kind of the point- FAITH.  Also, important to never belittle someone'e belief, it may be all they have.
     Still, perhaps it would be a nice change to have a president who was unbiased by faith.  Even atheists believe in the potential of a person, which could eventually encompass humanity.
     According to a Gallup study featured on  Last Word, With Lawrence O'Donnell, (<-CLICK TO SEE BIT) or, HERE -to see the actual poll
 Atheist was second only to Socialist; as least likely to be voted for.  So, Bernie may want to crank up his religiousness.  Actually though, since he seems to be the Media Darling, I think he'll be fine.  Like one of the Last Word panel said, Americans have moved past that.  However, I do think people tend to be more open and accepting, when questioned generally, as in a blind poll.  Nobody likes to think of themselves as prejudice.

     I don't see the office of the POTUS to be in any part a religious one.  I think there are several religions that would never want a thing to do with the Presidency.  After all, one would be hard pressed to find a model of morality in any branch of American politics.  Kind of the nature of the beast. To be president, one needs to be a compassionate, empathetic, sociopathic, egomaniacal masochist.  So, as long as one's good with that, hail to the chief!
     When all is said and done we vote for who we like; and thanks to human nature, it doesn't always make sense.



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