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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


     Where is your humanity? <-LINK TO PETITION FOR STAY OF EXECUTUION
     Where is your compassion?<-LINK TO DETAIL OF EXECUTION

In the case of Richard Glossip's execution, really, what is the rush?<-LINK TO TAKE TAKE PART ARTICLE BY REBECCA McCRAY

     Don't think it's a surprise that I am usually for abolishing the death penalty.  
     There are some exceptions, where I can understand the desire for such an extreme.  Still, the fact that people, who did not know the victim(s), will stand outside a prison, and cheer after an execution; after a life is no more; chills me to my bones.
     Years ago in college, I did a paper on the death penalty.  Since researching and writing that paper; to me, it is disgusting that based on only whatever evidence; quality of counsel; the opinion of 12 people; and what state the person lives; decides the difference between life in prison, and death, by most certain, and gruesome means.
     The fact that if the same crime is committed in 2 different states, for only one, there is a certain ending; in the one where a person is put to death.
       That the jury are 12 flawed human beings, judging and making a decision about another flawed human being; that every other person in the decision, including the governor involved, is flawed. That there are no absolute truths with humans.  

After all, Charles Manson is still alive. 

So, to me it makes little sense.

It's a permanent, absolute ending, for what often times is an uncertain case, and what always is a human being that is capable of as much grace as evil as most other human beings are.

And in this manner, it offers absolutely no peace.

For anyone.

Not the widow.

Certainly, not the governor.

But that is her decision.

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