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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Email, Shmeemail

This represents me, and my daily dealing with computers- 

Well, today it's being reported that another boat load of Hillary Clinton's emails have been released.

From what I hear there's one or maybe a few asking how to set up an iPad.

I burst out laughing.

Clearly, we're dealing with an evil technological genius mastermind similar to the like of Timothy Olyphant's character, Thomas Gabriel in Live Free Or Die Hard. (Link)


Think she has more in common with me.  If you'd like to see other cartoons of me dealing with technology, check out, Bear With Me and or Technology Vs. Me

( Just FYI, on this post alone, I have spent 10 minutes trying to get the "Bear With Me" and "Technology Vs. Me" to be blue- to show that they are links.  This is a daily trial for me.)

In my defense, it doesn't help that Apple, Microsoft and every other computer company come up with new freakin' versions more often than the previous versions are paid for by the majority of their customers!

Like me, Hillary was not born into computers, email and the rest of the kit and caboodle.

The cartoon above was inspired by my daily outbursts at our iMac, my laptop, and my iPhone; which I did not get until this past March.  I didn't even have a smart phone.  When I handed over my former phone to the Verizon salesman, he stated, "WOW! This is a relic."  I'd had it two years.

My kids, 7 and 10, have a way easier time with any and all of the technology, and nicely put, believe I have issues.

So, if you want to spend your time reading about and listening about what they find in the God knows how many emails yet to come, so be it.

I'll be trying to find out about her thoughts on climate, economics, gender equality, child care, college admission policies, etc. etc.

After all if they find something that's really juicy; (she dances naked under the full moon, or she's really Sarah Palin in disguise) there'll be pictures!

If you give a hoot about the email deal with Hillary,
please check this out: Myths and Facts On Hillary Clinton's Emails

And these other articles that may be of interest:

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"The Plot Thins on the Clinton Email 'Scandal'"
I could not get the above article to turn blue- but it is a link to the Daily Beast article.

Must go; my 7 year old is tossing a fit.

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