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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Got Me Thinking

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Monday, was a gorgeous day in the Midwest; great day for a bike ride.

Just before, heading out, I clicked on the TV, and heard just a teaser that VP Biden might be finally ready to announce that he's decided to run.

I didn't want to wait around before heading out, so I sat down at the computer and went to HP to see if there was any mention.

None whatsoever.

However, on HuffPost's cover page was the above photo, which caught my attention; then with it, this link:
Biden's Son Hunter Discharded From Navy Reserve After Failing Cocaine Test.

Not sure why, it was there, because the story is from October of 2014.  In fact, I found it downright odd that it was on the cover page of Huffpost, along with current stories of the Syrian Refugees; the Pope's visit; articles on the current presidential candidates; stories from the Emmy's; and other posts.

So, since it was a story from last year, I do not know what their purpose of running it on the cover page was.

My heart goes out to the family.  I cannot imagine the weight of dealing with the press, not to mention the weight of the situation.  Hard enough if you're not in the public eye.  No matter how old your children get, you love them and their joys and accomplishments are yours to be proud of and to hopefully celebrate with them.  On the other side of that coin, when things go south, you share the burden.  Even if it's something that they'll need to sort out on their own, your thoughts, love and support are with them; and since they are part of you so is their pain, and heartache.  To have one child go through a trial such as this, and then to lose another, is bewildering.  All the while serving one of the highest titles and offices in the land.

Now, there's the decision that he needs to make on whether or not to run again for president.

As I've said before, I like VP Biden.  As I expressed in Thinking About Joe
and It's Friday Again, I do find the notion that he's entertaining the thought of running again, a little curious to say the least.  Still, I understand that there may be an undeniable desire to run, what presumably would be, one last time.  However, given the past year, one could understand that it may be time, to just enjoy life and family.  Even if it had been a great year; after serving the people for so long, easy to understand the desire for some R & R with loved ones.

There will be people that are happy; and people that are less so; regardless of his decision.

Only VP Biden can make that choice, whether running again is worth the personal sacrifices.

Can you imagine if Joe Biden was a woman?

How would we weigh in on that?

Would we be pushing for a mother to run for the highest office in the land, if she had had such a year?  Or question the notion entirely?

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