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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just a Quick Update

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     So, I was a bit surprised last night when there actually was mention on last night's MSNBC shows, of the Politico article, claiming that it was Joe who leaked Beau's words to Maureen Dowd.  

     There are a range in reactions.  Some claim, that the article is untrue; some, even if it is, what of it?  That that's just Biden being Biden, just talking whatever to whomever.  Considering Ms. Dowd's methods, I'd be silent as a clam around her.  One of the shows even showed footage from 1987.  If he joins the race, that won't be the last time we see that.  
Politics is nasty business.  

    I just wanted to state yet again, that I do like Joe Biden.  He's had a hard year.  As I stated in "This Got Me Thinking," I understand the desire to run, one last time; but then considering all things, the past year yes, but perhaps even more so- the loved ones that are still here, and the fact that he's still here and healthy.  Why not take it all in and enjoy that?  

Bottom line for me is, regardless of what Joe does, I am for Hillary.

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