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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Day After...

Well did you tune in last night?

Haven't seen what the ratings were yet.  This is going to be just a quick rundown, and given the comments I received yesterday, curious as to what the comments will be for this one.

Over at Bustle, Seth Millstein expresses that Anderson Cooper took the prize for the night for doing a great job.  While I thought Mr. Cooper did a great job for the most part, there WAS A HUGE GAPE left by what was not addressed at all, save for a comment by Secretary Clinton.   Lauren Barbato, another writer at Bustle, explains it brilliantly.

So, here are my 2 cent summaries on each of the candidates.

Lincoln Chaffee- Didn't hear any mention of Metric System, but Mr. Cooper wasted no time in asking Mr. Chaffee about his "musical political party" history.  His response about being granite was an interesting metaphor.  With his response to not being 100% upon taking office, was due to  mourning his father's death- not very reassuring.  Wonder what VP Biden made of that comment; and Chaffee's comment to Cooper about being "too rough"? The POTUS office has a lot of tough decisions and questions; and tragedy doesn't ever take time off.  Proudly proclaimed in his opening statements, and again in his closing, he repeatedly professed he was SCANDAL FREE.  Okay Rainman, good for you, but since you didn't bring up Planned Parenthood, abortion, or anything really about "women's issues," that can be YOUR SCANDAL.  Sadly; it's not just yours.

Jim Webb- Strong silent type.  Not really a good quality to have during a debate.  Didn't know him much from before, and don't much more after the debate.  Prone to sulk and brood, I think.  Got issues?

Martin O'Malley- Smiled a lot.  Which is fine.  Not sure at times on what was the cause.  Nevertheless, gave an overall pleasant impression, so will tune in for more and think we're likely to see a lot more of him in the future.  Loved how he pointed out the polar differences between the Democratic Debate and the two for the Republicans.  

     Note to Donald: Not essential that a debate is entertaining; however it should be informative. I found last night's debate to be both.

Bernie Sanders- Not as crazy angry uncle as I was anticipating, so that was good.  Still not "feeling the Bern," but I did love to see that we agree on "those damn emails"!  I did find him to be likable; just not the strong fortitude I envision for the highest office in the land. 

Hillary Clinton- Reminded me why I've been a supporter for so long.  Formidable grace under pressure.  She even managed to impart humor at times.  To me, she was the clear leader.

Finally, I was surprised, that VP Biden did not take the stage last night; he wasn't even in Vegas.  I think the time is closing in on his decision, and I'm sure it can't be an easy one.  Still, it's his choice.  After watching what was a class act last night; either way, we'll be good. 

As for Hillary's "Pee Joke" last night-
I just figured she probably was the only one who washed her hands.

The next GOP Debate is October 28th and the next Democratic debate is November 14th.

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