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Friday, October 23, 2015


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Now, first and foremost let me clarify two things.


     So, it matters little to me if Secretary Clinton is/was/or becomes a witch.  The purpose of this post is to express why I think there are those who are trying to prove that she is a witch, or more to the point; WHY IT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THEM, AT THE THOUGHT OF HER BECOMING PRESIDENT.

     With the day I had yesterday; I have no idea how she mustered such calm for 10+ hours.  Mine was for dealing with kids.  Far less in number, and far younger than the minds she had to contend with.

For some, it may be is as simple as because she is a woman.  Let's think for a moment, what that would mean really.

     It's a lot like people thought of witches in the 1600's.  More so, why many were put to death, (in harrowing ways) was not because they were in league with The Devil; turned Uncle Harry into a toad; or cast a love spell on someone's husband.  IT WAS BECAUSE THEY WERE A THREAT TO THE STATUS QUO.  Think about that for a moment.  You can call me, or think that I'm crazy for thinking that; but let's remember, between 50,000 and 100,000 people lost their lives; all because the men of power convinced the townspeople, that those people had supernatural powers.  People believed what someone in power said about their neighbor; more so than what they experienced knowing that neighbor.  Despite seeing reality with their own eyes.  This was long after the time of miracles, that serve as the basis for many religions.  Needs to be noted that the persecutors many times were Christians who were trying to force all to Christianity. To cast doubt and fear onto those who would not conform.  Most times they were women who just wanted to be left alone, and/or practiced the religions of olde; earth based, polytheistic, nature based.  Yet, there were those that were savvy enough to manipulate communities' superstitions; to utilize mass hysteria to benefit their cause.  Not that different from today.

     Today, if we look around the world, I think we'd find there are more discrepancies in rights, between individuals based on gender, more so than race, religion, or sexual orientation.  That's half of the human population.  Then, women may face further discrimination if they're the wrong color, religion, or sexual orientation.  Throughout history, with any discriminated group, within that group, if the women have it even a fraction better than the men; that would be an exception.  But even today some women, such as  Phyllis Schlafly and Cheryl Rios (I can't say those names without shaking my head for 5 minutes)  refuse to see.  Some employers still hire based on notions of the Baby Boomers, or based on ideas from even earlier in the 20th century.  We are our parents' kids, and some of their beliefs, traditions, and assumed gender roles are hard to shake.  These are gender roles that are deeply ingrained in our psyche; (they may have served purposes in other times).  Things have changed though; and if we are to be a respected, leading country; not to mention a country where we and future generations want to live; we must acknowledge these changes.  To make changes in our minds that lead to changes in our actions, that draw on all of our potential; to benefit our entire nation.

     So, let's talk about what will change if a woman is elected president.  

     Hillary Clinton is a woman.  She is also a politician.  Just as every single other candidate running.  Considering every single candidate on the right is for ending Planned Parenthood, trying to overturn Roe vs Wade; and that rhetoric- well, THOSE TOPICS ARE IMPORTANT so, no thank you.  Even for that other woman.  Really, there's hardly a word about how any candidate will address, gender inequality.  No mention that, if we start thinking and talking about how to attain gender equality in pay, and in trying to implement changes in the infrastructure as to help families, (i.e. people raising tomorrow's people), it may serve as a start to not only closing the gap in wealth; but providing a better quality of life for all.  With Hillary, I have heard more than any other candidate, attention brought to women's issues; pay inequality, health care, paid family leave, and all the other areas.  Maybe, finally, we can have a conversation on how to better attain balance between raising the next generation and financially supporting them. 
     However, if those changes are sought, and are brought about; LIFE AS WE'VE KNOWN IT FOR THE PAST 100 YEARS; WILL BE  A THING OF THE PAST.

     And THAT my pretties- 

     Change is scary.  It can also be good.  Real good.  It is inevitable. 

Have a great weekend.  


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