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Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Wish

     Along with many, I am a bit dazed today.  

     My heartfelt thoughts go out to Parisians as they try to understand, find peace, and find a way to meet tomorrow with hope.  
     To the loved ones of the all the people involved, I hope for you to find answers as you seek to discover the fate of your loved ones.  
      To the many, although relative special, who understand and sympathize with the motive behind these attacks; please know that there is no more comprehension nor compassion to your plight than there was yesterday.  Just fewer in this world with the message, and fewer in this world to understand.  Regardless of our different beliefs, the ones who are gone from this world are no longer concerned with the matter.
      To all, I wish love.  And for all to choose tomorrow.

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