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Monday, November 23, 2015


     I am currently working on several posts, political and other types, but kicking off the week, thought I'd post this.  It is meant as nothing more, than a "WOW! What do you think about that?" style of post.  
     The other day I watched part of an episode of  Weather Channel's "Secrets of Earth!"  It left me with a feeling of awe and my mind a-reeling.  After watching, I thought that Serendipity, would be a better name than Earth, for the planet.
  It reminded me of a couple of things that I'd read or seen before; some have inspired other posts.

     Not long after starting Sadie's Gathering, I wrote, "When You Reach For A Star"; in which I hoped to convey that regardless of religion or none, there is always a sense of wonder to behold.  In "Aren't We Lucky" I reveled over an article that I'd read at Science Blogs.  
There are articles about us all coming from stardust or maybe even Mars.  I knew it...you wait, in a few years they'll discover that women really are from Venus, and men really are from Mars.* 

     For me discoveries and science have never dissuaded or lessened my faith.  Regardless of how, or what one believes, the following is true:

     Through a supreme and divine grace we are here.  Now.

Wishing all a fun and safe season!

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