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Thursday, November 9, 2023

The Man Has A Point

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     Probably doesn't come as a shock that I'm a fan of Bill Maher.  This post was written 11/9/2015; and along with so many other points I hear Bill Maher make-> If we were to ever sit down, doubt if we'd agree on everything; I'll admit there are times when he says something that seems crass or just out there... but then after I think about it for a bit, I'll be damned- he's gotta point. So, reposting this post, 8 years later.

One such instance was during his "New Rules" segment during his show on October 16th.
      Take a look: (If you want to see the video, you'll be given the option to see it on YouTube.  By YouTube, or some other source, 

Please don't misunderstand.  This is not to make light of the need for new gun laws.  I am strongly for rethinking the 2nd Amendment, as mentioned in "What Is It Going To Take?" But since the consequence is the continued loss of life; perhaps it's time to think outside the box, of what contributes to the mindset of a mass killer.

     The fact still remains that the killer's chosen messenger of the manifestos isn't a knife, chainsaw, or bomb, but a gun.  An up close and personal, FINAL delivery of their message. 

     Consider though, what Mr. Maher humorously tried to point out.

     I know, from being a mom of a pre-teen; and remembering my own awkwardness during those years, that it's not going to be easy.  Changing from a child, "gay, innocent and heartless,"(J.M. Barrie's description in Peter and Wendy) to an adult is not for the faint of heart.  The current generation of parents, are much like their parents and are unable to openly, frankly talk with their kids about the changes in their bodies, sex, drugs, and all that goes with it.  When you have folks who can't even utter the word "masturbation", YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
     To prove my point; when I was making notes for this post on my phone, the intuitive software or whatever you want to call it, that pops up word possibilities, based on letters that have already been typed; NEVER OFFERED "MASTURBATION"- EVEN WITH THE SECOND ATTEMPT!  Not even up to the final "n".

That's just silly.
     Do you think for a moment that the US Navy and the US Marine Corps would ever entrust a multimillion dollar jet to one of their Blue Angels if that pilot didn't prove to know every nuance to operating that aircraft?
     Why do we shrug off the implicit responsibility we have raising the next generation all because of what?  Awkwardness?

     Here's a suggestion, practice in front of a mirror if that's the case.  Too tough?  Head to the closet then, and repeat the word, "masturbation", and any and all other pertinent facts about the human body until you are comfortable with them and discussing them.  Then, do it in front of a mirror, if it suits you.

     Keep in mind though, these are your kids.  Keep in mind, how they got here in the first place, and  that hopefully they are among the most important people in your life.  Maybe the more that they see you being a tad flustered, but still communicating important facts, will get the message across that you are human, and sometimes life is like that, and that's okay.

     Madison Avenue has no problem talking to your kids.  We really need to be just as persistent and informative, if we are ever to be as persuasive.

     To get across that even though life is often awkward, crazy, flustering, maddening, it's still the best thing going. 

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