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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Whose Head's Rollin'?

You gotta wonder.

I've already spent too much time thinking about this.

Probably not your first spotting of it.  If by chance it is, you can read about HERE.

As you see, many people are certain that somebody's head is a rollin'.  

Then again... consider, how much money, time, and people power went into this shooting and the placing of this ad.  There are photographers, models, dressers, coordinators, set designers, copywriters, creative directors, sales reps galore, marketing directors, etc... 


It's not just one, it's manymanymany, and I'm willing to bet that some of those heads are clinking champagne glasses over the amount of free publicity Bloomingdale's is generating, thanks to this ad.

Now where do you reckon' they got an idea like that? 

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