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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Few Thoughts

     As it nears the end of 2015, it's difficult to know what to write.

     There are a few posts that I've been working on, but they're long, and somehow I feel they're for the shiny New Year.
     I've also, reached the point of "can hardly wait for school to start again."  I always feel guilty acknowledging that.  When I joke about it with my kids, my oldest's retort is, 

For now, here are my thoughts on some of the current events:

No Indictment for Cop Who Fatally Shot 12 Year Old...
Unbelievable and so sad. As someone who lives in the Chicago area, I can't help but wondering what is it going to take to get a clue? Now the news of a domestic disturbance that ended with a bright young man, being shot and killed, and an innocent bystander who WAS A MOM OF 5! I admit, I know not one iota of what goes into training a police officer. Still... as one that grew up with parents that argued quite a bit, to the point of my dad literally punching walls, there were times when I knew to stay away, or lock up in my room till he cooled down. In his later years he was diagnosed as bipolar, and that had probably been the case for years. Just because a family is disfunctional, does not mean that intervention requires guns. Better put, cops need to know what situations call for guns, which situations call for brute force, and which ones need vocal negotiations, and they need to be trained in all of those to the highest degree. And for cops to be tested to be sure that they will not react based on their inherent racism. 

Remember Will Smith's character in the first MIB? During the test to see who would be selected for the Men In Black; J shoots a target model of a little girl, while ignoring the other targets, that were aliens in various poses. When questioned, he points out that all others were doing various everyday activites, but the little girl, presumably about 6-7 years old, was carrying an advanced physics book. Demonstrating that he was able to put aside any steretype prejudice over scary looking aliens, to really assess who could cause trouble. I know it's fiction, but can't help thinking that there is something to be learned from that.

Makes me wonder, how many other cases we haven't heard of, and how many more of these cases there'll be in 2o16?

Trump VS. Clinton&Clinton... I am for Hillary, and have been for years.  At some point I may write about how she has my admiration for handling the scandal part of her husband's life with such grace.  I know a lot of people wonder why she didn't divorce, or whatever.  But the fact is that divorce is a choice, just as marriage is, with consequences good and bad.  She chose to ride it out, stay with a man that I'm sure she loves, admires, and is a great partner in life.  There's a movie, One True Thing, by Anna Quindlen with Meryl Streep as the mom, Renee Zellwegger as the daughter.  The daughter has discovered that her dad, who she used to idolize, is a philanderer.  Her mom informs her that she is well aware, but to leave, would be like cutting him from a photograph.  "Marriage is compromises and concessions that you never dreamed you'd ever make."  She and Bill decided to make it work. Donald and Ivana decided to end it; and try again with someone else.  And then again with Marla ...

Rolling my eyes yet again over a writers continued Hillary bashing to the point that I think if Bernie doesn't win the nomination, the writer won't vote.  In order to teach the DNC a lesson. 
      Okay, if you're a Bernie supporter fine, vote for him. However, with every Goodman post saying pretty much the same thing over and over, and HuffPost granting him prominence, I'm getting tired of this negative garb. To the point of toting the thought, that "Voting Only for Bernie, ...Will Teach The DNC A Lesson" -> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/.../voting-bernie-sanders...


If Sanders is that great, write about why you're voting for him, because of his record, because you like how he does this, etc. If that's not enough to fill the page, I'm sorry, but use yo
ur brain, and write about issues that matter to you or the science fiction that has garnered you the accolades.

Unlike, Goodman, I am a woman. I do not have the luxury of "teaching the DNC a lesson", should the candidate that I like, not win the primary.
If any of 10-13, or however many are left, of the GOP candidates, get the highest office in the land, I WILL LOSE MUCH. Not to mention how much my daughters will lose. Anyone making less than $100,000 will lose.

We will have scientific fact ignored; climate change will march on, wiping out species, and more. Healthcare will go back to nil; Planned Parenthood defunded, cancer screenings for people making less than $100 grand a year will not happen; abortions will continue as they have for millenia, but only legal, safe, and private, for a select few. Minimum wage will be eradicated, or stagnant. How many new wars will begin, is anyone's guess. The opportunity to end AIDS, will fall by the wayside. Hopefully God will bless America, because if the next president is a republican, you can sure as hell bet that it won't be them.

If you want to know why I like Hillary, see here, for a few of the reasons -> http://www.sadiesgathering.com/.../yep-im-for-hillary.html

I like Hillary; I will vote for Hillary for the primary, make no mistake, regardless of what this guy puts up. I am not feeling the Bern, for several reasons. Not least is that he has enough shtuff in his history that the GOP spin doctors will have a hay day with should the opportunity arrise. I also doubt if he would be a 2 term president. He's got some good ideas, but simply put I am far from convinced that he has the chops/strength for the highest office in the land. But if Bernie should win the nomination, I will vote for him.
My hope:


P.S. If you are a woman, please check out The Sadie Project! 

Thank you.

Here's to keeping the White House in 2016!

Finally, in a response to a quote from Hillary on Twitter: 
"It shouldn’t be so hard to be a working parent.
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More on THAT, in 2016 to be sure.

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