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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Tip From Lil Ol' Me

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     Honest, there are new posts coming.

     However, today, is another crazy day that does not afford much time to write.  Still I'd like to first share a tip from the Donald, then one from me.

The tip from Donald:  
     Go to a town, that is predominanty seen as a town opposite of what you are known for, or one that is known to support one of your opponents.  Find a venue, doesn't matter where, just one that is seen as a gathering place.  Whatever the maximum occupancy, run off 20 times that number of tickets.  The old fashioned reason for doing so, is that one knows that in order to fill such a space, it's necessary to supply more, in hopes of coming close to filling.  However, if you are Donald J. Trump, you will present that as the actual demand.  Thus, despite, all the issues of concern in the US, not to mention whatever's going on in and around the rest of the world today, news and media will grant so much time to the DJT press conference in Burlington VT tonight at 7pm EST.

 The tip from me:


Life is short.  It's already a week into 2016.  Play a board game with a loved one.  Read a good book. 

Visit my Bookshelf for suggestions, although admittedly,  I have a few that need to be added.

Go to a movie.  Walk the dog and get some fresh air.  If you don't have one, walk the neighbor's dog.   

They'll be grateful, especially if you live in a colder climate.  

If you have no idea of what I'm talking about, good for you.  Sincerely.  

If you want to watch the train wreck, why not incorporate a drinking game for fun?

I took a gander into my crystal ball, and these will be the areas that Donald talks about.
     -Ted Cruz's place of Birth
     - Bill Clinton's past; Hillary's enabling 
     -Hillary's low energy, strength, stamina
     -Bernie's low energy, strength, stamina 
     - Paris' latest news, and what great thing he would have done
     - What great thing he would do with North Korea, and Kim Jong-un
This will all come after he expresses how many people wanted to come tonight, and how lucky the one that are there made it.

Let me know what else Goldilocks talks about.  Actually don't worry about it, it will be replayed and analyzed way into tomorrow, if not more.

Me, I'm gonna go get a Powerball ticket.  

Now that would be lucky.

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