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Monday, February 29, 2016

Presidents' Day

     Meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, when it was actually Presidents' Day, but things came up.  Since tomorrow is Super Tuesday, thought might as well post today.  Meant to be a post to ponder the thought, that in a year, we'll have a new Commander In Chief.  
     Someone asked me recently if I thought it was time for a woman to be president.   
     I replied, after nodding affirmatively; "It's past time.  As long as the candidate is a strong one, their anatomy shouldn't matter a bit." 
     The person who asked me did not know me from Lucy, thus had no idea of my candidate of choice. 

    I was curious, about how many women have run for president before.  I knew of Shirley Chisolm, and Victoria Woodhull, but knew that there had to be at least a few more.  There are actually quite a few more than I realized.  According to the site About.com, 45 women beginning with Victoria Woodhull in 1872, to Mme Sec. Clinton, and Ms. Fiorian this year. 

      My husband and I were discussing politics as much as we ever do, and I pointed out that along with liking Hillary, I also know she has a heck of a resume.  
     My husband pointed out that presidents have been elected on lesser resumes, so that begged the question:

      On what basis do we elect the President of the United States?

Think it must be different for each of us.

As we consider our choices, it's interesting to question what draws us to one candidate, and not another, if it's not based on qualifications.   This year I do not need to make a choice between the two.  I know as strongly as I feel that, there are those who feel the same way about their candidate.  So, as in many choices that we make, I think it says just as much about ourselves, as it does about the candidates that we choose. 

Something to think about.

Most importantly though, is that we get out and VOTE.  It's our long fought for, (longer fights for some) right, responsibility, and privilege. 

I close with a TED TALK with Secretary Hillary Clinton, from December 2010, 


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