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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PROGNOSTICATION: Happy Groundhog Day 2016!

Well, hear ye, hear ye; Phil says it's going to be an early spring!

The caucus results are in, and they are what they are.  Which since a comment like that, may "muddy my waters"; let me quickly clarify.  Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucus according to Reuters, with Hillary winning 49.8% of the delegates, Bernie struggling to manage to hold on to 49.6%, so he can tout "virtual tie", over the next week: and Martin O'Malley received 1%.  Yes, math majors I know; that adds up to be more the 100%- who knows...

Reuters stated it was the narrowest win in Iowa Democratic caucus history.  The Iowa caucus started in 1972; don't want you thinkin' the founding fathers are turning in their graves or anything.   

Still, I thought according to many, that Sanders was supposed to win.  In a landslide.  Polls all along, showed it would be close.  Last night Sec. Clinton stated that she was relieved, and said thank you to Iowa.  Somehow, that's been twisted to say that she claimed victory, and left without shaking somebody's hand, and that may be disastrous.   Note to everyone, saying "thank you" is nothing more than good manners.  To the volunteers.  As Gloria Steinem anticipated, in an interview with Marianne Schnall, "There's going to be a demand for perfectionism on the part of Hillary Clinton, or any other pro-equality woman candidate, that would not be made of men." So no surprise, as I pointed out yesterday.

At any rate, to me, gloating over a virtual tie is poor form.
What do I know.

Cruz won with 28%.  Donald came in second with 24%.  Headlines state that Donald is crushed.  I wouldn't take it too hard.  I figure Donald has a few more tricks up his sleeve. 

As for me, I'm taking a hiatus from some news channels and a site that I usually frequent.  If anyone knows of an old fashioned channel or site that doesn't so blatantly impart their views, let me know.  

It's gotten so nasty; think I'm going back into my burrow.

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